[H][Kazzak] Looking for guild

Hi everyone,

We’re 3 friends, who are currently looking for a raiding guild on the Kazzak server.
We’ve all done Castle Nathria on normal and 3/10 on HC in a guild, which unfortunately didn’t last. We prefer to stay on the Kazzak server, since we like to play on our alts too, and don’t want to seperate our chars.

We’re looking for a 2 days raiding guild in the weekdays, preferably from ~19.30-23.00 CET.

We prefer to play the following (in order):

  • Creepy(me): Paladin DPS/Tank, Warlock DPS, Shaman Ele/Ehancement.
  • Basse: Warrior DPS, Hunter, some sort of tank
  • Dolne: Enhancement Shaman, Spriest, ele/resto shaman

Our logs:
Creepy: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/moomeup#difficulty=3
Dolne: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/witnessfail#difficulty=3
Basse: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/lillebasse#difficulty=3

We hope to find a lasting good HC raiding guild, where we can clear content decently fast, so that we can also play and raid on our alts.

Feel free to add me on discord/bnet
Discord: CreepyCrate#5925
Bnet: CreepyCrate#2474

Hi there!
I run a casual raiding guild where we raid wednesday and friday 20:00 - 23:00. We currently need shadow priest, warrior, and i think you and your friends could be a great fit for our roster, we are currently 7/10 hc.

If this sounds interesting to you then feel free do contact me via my discord at Alexos#3370

Still searching :slight_smile:

Hey there, from what country are you 3 from?

All three from Denmark


Hope your well.

Whilst I understand you would really like to stay on Kazzak, should you change your mind please do read our post and let us know if your interested.



While it is a nice offer, the raid times till 23.30 will be too late for us. We alle have to get up pretty early in the mornings duo to work. So we’ll sadly have to decline, sorry.

Still searching :slight_smile:

We are recruiting players to start mythic progress. We started raiding in shadowlands and have 9/10 HC atm. We want to recruit more people to get into mythic as soon as possible. The guild consists of players with previous raiding experience on mythic level.

What can you expect from us?

  • A good raiding enviroment, where we help eachother get better and thrive together.
  • We’re active with doing alot of M+, arena, BGS and much more.
  • An overall good enviroment and social guild.
  • Fast progress through HC and mythic.

What we expect of you.

  • Be able to understand and speak english.
  • Know the class that you are playing and always work towards improving yourself.
  • Be able to join most of our raids on Wednesday and Sundays 19.30 - 22.00.
  • Be a teamplayer to work with the guild to improve ourselves.
  • Raiding time: 19.30 - 22.00. Invites starts at 19.15. Have flask, food and proper enchants ready.

What classes we are looking for.

Disc priest
Holy paladin

MM hunter
Shadow priest
Ench Shaman

We consider every class of course and take exceptional players.

We hope we hear from you! You can send a request on B-net if your interested and we will have a quick interview.

If you have any question, contact Toobbez#2530 or Dosez ingame

Hi there

I know you wouldnt want to server change, but maybe for the right guild?

Take a look and contact me if you are interested

Cheers mate

Hi there, did you find a new home yet? We are looking for like-minded raiders for our roster :slight_smile: Find more info here: <Cult of Gin> For people who enjoy vodka or gin - become part of our kin! LFM SOCIAL / M+ / RAID FOCUS


Hello are you still intrested? >The Third Eye< is Recruting. A small core of ex-mythic raiders looking for some relaxed, competent and reliable DPS to create a social raiding group for future Mythic raids. Casual and social players are always welcome!