[H][Kazzak] <The Third Eye> [1/10 HC] Recruiting for progression

The Third Eye< is Recruting. A small core of ex-mythic raiders looking for some relaxed, competent and reliable DPS to create a social raiding group for future Mythic raids. Casual and social players are always welcome!

Just wanna people to come. BUMP

Pumping it up

Hello :slight_smile:

We are three friends looking for a raiding guild. We have a post here on the forums: [H][Kazzak] Looking for guild

Check it out and tell me, what you think :slight_smile:

Hey are you still looking for guild?

hey are you guys still actively looking for members? im looking for a progression guild on my hunter

yea, we are still plaing we are looking for decent dps for heroic progression atm, want to gather static raid group for the future mythic raid