Holy Priest 5/10M H ilvl 225


Due to current guild taking a break looking for a new home.

Looking for a mythic raiding guild who raids outside the weekend.

Holy priest ilvl 225
Cleared 5/10 and know tactics well of inerva and council
100% attandance last months
Currently on Draenor but willing to transfer

Hope someone can help this lost soul :slight_smile:

Hi Gerain,

Crustacean Nation (Draenor) is a newly formed guild made of mythic raiders with the goal of reaching CE in 9.1. We are recruiting dedicated DPS and healers who want to give their best performance Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

We are close to filling up our first team so feel free to DM me if this sounds interesting to you!

Discord: KooDoo#3050

Hi thanks for the message will keep this in mind. Would like to continue raiding until patch as well ans try to obtain CE.

While I can’t promise CE this patch, I can say that we have a very dedicated core and a competitive raiding environment. Give it a thought if you don’t find anything, my DMs are open :slight_smile:

Hi Gerain,

Are you 100% a holy priest or flexible and can play disc too?

Do the raid times: Wed, Thur, and Mon, 20:00 - 23:00 server time suit your schedule?

Hello there Gerain :slight_smile:

We’re currently 6/10M and going to push as far as possible into this patch, whilst preparing the roster to get CE for 9.1 and onwards. I need an active and reliable healer.

We raid twice a week for a maximum of 6 hours. Our raid days are tuesday and thursday from 20.30-23.30.

Add me on battle tag for more information :slight_smile:

Thanks both for the reply. I’ll reach out friday to you both. Took a very short trip now i suddenly was free of raiding :slight_smile:

Hey dude, we’re a 8/10M guild on Kazzak looking for a priest for a core spot to push CE this patch and continue into future tiers. I’d be keen to have a chat with you if you’re still looking? My bnet is Kelfie#2504

Hey Gerain, im currently recruiting for my guild Malicious 7/10M and would really like to yoink you to be apart of the team.
Currently doing progress on Sludge very close to getting the kill.
feel free to message me on discord Juliajsp-nifflez#0185 or on bnet Juliajsp##2696 or in game on Daneiris-Tarrenmill…
If youve found a guild!! Good luck with progress :slight_smile:

Hi Gerain,

Not sure if your still looking for a guild, but would love to have a chat and discuss the possibility - Also save a few change but not server transferring.

Have a look at our recruitment post and let us know your thoughts…