Honor reset prior to TBC release?

Sorry, if it has already been asked elsewhere, but does anybody know whether honor will carry over into TBC or not?


unless blizzard makes some last minute decisions to delete it, it honor and bg marks will carry over yes.

There have been honor resets in the past prior to expansions though… :man_shrugging:

They should just keep that 10x honor rate as it was to catchup 60 lvl gear which will be useles in few weeks anyway and then wipe all marks and honor and turn it into gold like many times before.

Extreme grind for old gear doesnt make sense. Hoarding honor and marks to insta buy blue 70 lvl honor gear (which was originaly behind rep grind) is also very stupid. This would fix both problems.


is it not behind a rep grind now?

From what I know its in new vendor for honor and marks. No idea if its only for honor and marks or you can choose both reputation way or honor way to get it. But I dont have source, Ive read it on some US forum topic, so if you want to be 100% sure try to google it or something…

Found the officiel answer :


I hope the honor gets wiped, as the people that capped honor day 1 will have a huge advantage over the rest. They basically got to exploit the system until Blizzard realized they made an error.

Now people have to farm for 4-8 days to gain what some people got in half a day.

Marks should stay, but honor should be looked at.


…no they haven’t.

you can’t rollback something that a lot of players invested their time into, even more in a game with subscription

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so you want wipe my honor i stressfully earned after the nerf???

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