[Horde-Draenor] Tank and Dps looking for 2-day raiding guild to head into shadowlands

We’re Semi-hardcore players and have prior experience with full heroic raid clears and partial mythic clears and are looking to join a guild that wants to do mythic progress raiding in shadowlands.
We’re socially interactive and really enjoy mythic+, the dps player also has interest in pvp

Aiming to have 2 raid days a week on any of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (evening raids)

We also have 2 friends who would like to join as social and they would occassionally like to join the raid if there’s an empty spot that needs filling and they are also interested in establishing a mythic+ community within the guild.

If you want more information about us or would like to talk about our potential role within the guild/classes we’re planning on playing etc then please contact us on discord:

Jonny AN#0001 or ragnedrengen#3288

Or leave a message below and i’ll check back on these forums frequently :slight_smile:

Hi there

Check us out!

damn, your guild sounds great but unfortunately we are looking to do mythic raids in shadowlands :frowning:

Hey you can come check us out

We’re a group of friends that started playing in Bfa and have founded a guild in order to start raiding in Shadowlands. During Bfa we were part of another guild and achieved 3/12 Mythic in under a month before our guild disbanded. Coming Shadowlands a couple more friends are joining us so we decided to start a new guild because no guild will take five people.

We plan to raid two nights a week (still deciding what days but it will be at night) and get AOTC and then push for CE. Our plan is to have a relaxed mature atmosphere not going too hardcore but still being serious when it comes to raiding.

We are also recruiting anyone who doesn’t want to raid but just is looking for a guild to hang out in.

Currently looking for any role.

If you’re interested you can contact me on discord: looopthelooop#6841 or battlenet: looptheloop#21714