Horde newbie, too scared to start rp

Hello everyone ^-^
I’ve played wow for a year now and I finally want to get into RP with a character I’ve worked out. The problem is I’m always terrified of starting a new type of communication with people, tho once I do I’ll be comfortable with it pretty quickly.

I’ve observed some walk up rp in Orgrimmar but I’m too scared to engage someone myself. It doesn’t help my character is actually pretty social and my shyness makes it difficult to portray him accurately. I’ll try to give a short desc of my boii so you can see he’s also not the easiest to start out with: nightborne mage who grew up under Elisande’s reign, dabbled into fel magic and never stopped, nightborne who know him eventually disliked him (mainly his family) so he decided to flee Suramar as soon as the barrier was down.

Alright so one more thing, I think guilds are great though I don’t always have much free time and feeling obliged to have to attend an event kind of ruins the fun for me.

Now I’d love to know what you would recommend! Perhaps you know a guild that is -very- casual and wouldn’t mind helping me? Should I maybe find someone to plan my first RP with? Maybe I should make a less difficult character first and practice on Alliance side? How did you start out if you experienced similar anxieties?

Thanks in advance for any replies! ^0^


I think many can understand that pretty well. I still have some struggles with simply going to people and starting a conversation even if I know them already ic. My advice is put both in your ooc Information, that you are new and that you are shy. At least to me personally that makes me want to walk up to you already and in time it will get easier for you too, it’s just the first step that is the hardest. Also I must say that usually Orgrimmar isn’t the greatest place for walkup rp and as much as it hurts my probably orcish heart but if it’s what interests you, you will find more Joy in Stormwind.
Regarding the Guilds, I can only say even if it’s not declared casual we are all here for fun. So even if there is an event every day doesn’t mean you have to come to all of them. I can only speak for our Caravan here but we have the general rule of thumb that you should rp with us (event or not) around two times a week, just so we know you are still active and haven’t moved on.
On that note I can link you two guilds that we interacted with in the past and that could fit you quite well.

One is the Eternal Sisterhood which is totally not a cult and despite the name they take male characters too, just not as priests. If you want Suramar rp there isn’t a better place.

The other are the Highblood Myrmidons. They are more about the lands of Quel’Thalas than Suramar but they have Nightborn among their ranks and are quite the good place for Elf rp in general.


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Thanks for your recomendations!

My advice is put both in your ooc Information, that you are new and that you are shy.

I’ll definitely put this in my TRP profile ^0^

general rule of thumb that you should rp with us (event or not) around two times a week

That’s good to know, I’ll look into the requirements when I decide I want to join a guild.

I am a little torn on the guilds you recommend though, the PCU has like their own lore aswell right? Is that recommended for a beginner? Is it maybe not as complicated as I think xD My character is kind of done with Suramar for a while, so I think I’d be better starting out with less elven focused guilds anyway, preferably ones that are perfectly fine with darker magic.

And Teepa, thanks for your reply aswell!

I know “just do it” might not be the best advice but it’s the one that helped me

Ahh I feel you’re probably right though, I just gotta do it.

but I feel I have gotten better at initiating conversations IRL from my “practice” in RP

I’ve experienced exactly this once I started playing Overwatch regularly using voice chat aswell, I know what you mean xD

I feel there’s just this added anxiety of “is my character good? Will I not say stupid things because I don’t know the lore completely?” But-

just do it

Alright so one question, you said this:

started out making a very extrovert character that always initiated conversations

My character is pretty extroverted aswell, though as I’m not IRL I just have difficulties coming up with possible ways to initiate conversations. How do you do it? I’ve read that having some goods to sell is a good way, but I don’t just want to create a merchant for the sole purpose of not being afraid to engage on that one character.

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Hello there! You could join us over at the Ashen Council; we are a neutral guild (we have guilds on both Horde and Alliance) and are focused on dealing with and against worldly threats that common people don’t know or care about. We also have a travelling shop which sells various goods all over Azeroth, which is a good front for world RP interactions.

We are always happy to help new RPers as well, so if you want to consider us, you can read more about us here:


I think by merit of RP every guild has their own “lore” so to speak. Though if you’re under the assumption the PCU does moonguard tier custom islands or whatever you’re mistaken friend.


Although the PCU does not has its own lore, they do have quite an amount of RP-campaigns(bot RPPVP and normal RP) under their belt, so there are quite a few characters(and players) who know each other from there and it will be brought up from time to time!

But its not as bad as the PCU making up islands or suddenly having people declare themselves kings/Queens/Grand-Marshals of their own Kingdom(s) or such things!

Also I’d like to suggest:

Yea, its a PCU guild, but its Warlock-focussed! And its not stationed in Suramar! :wink:

My first guild here was in the pcu as well and I simply got support even when I had moments of (official) lore breaking and a very bad way of spelling and writing english from time to time, so no worries there.

But in general, just find a guild that has a cool concept to you and have a look for yourself. Having the safety blank of a guild is also a great for slowly learning how to approach people :wink:


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