How do I play as a caster against 3 Melees?

I just played against an arms warrior, WW monk & Havoc DH
I’m very eager to learn you see
It’s really hard to play against Arms which has: Fear, stun, slow, two free snare / cc immunities, a group wide buff which also breaks snares and slows if talented, an immune to fears a constant preassure with dots and a really rough burst.

Or WW monk which has a VERY sustained burst phases which requires a REALLY careful cd usage alongside constant healer attention to mitigate or perhaps micro CCs to deal with, well it’s a bit hard to micro CC when the other melee is here and ready to kick my fear, alongside having some really rough defensives like Karma / Stoneskin among a 20% magical damage reduction!

Oh and I can’t forget about DH’s insane burst and mobility, with a really strong burst in AoE with Blade dance, alongside, oh lemme check my list…
Two stun, one of them AoE
One magical dispell, one defensive puddle in Darkness
One immune with Nether walk
A physical damage immunity and sustained lifesteal from simply cleaving through their foes.

I really want to get better with my kiting, I love kiting and make casts count, it’s a really rewarding playstyle, sure it requires my healer to have slept 9 hours and my reflexes and timing to be good while the melees are doing their best to not grunt while they hump mortal strike, chaos strike and rising sun kick / Fist of fury which takes a lot of effort I’m sure for melees.

I assume the game has no testing in between patches which makes fixing issues take a bit of time, because SURELY these kits would seem overloaded and would clearly need proper adjustement beyond a nerf in numbers right?

Anyway feel free to provide advices on how I can win as a demonology warlock!
So far I found that Power Siphon to use as many instant casts as possible was a decent way to fight.

Same as this guy who says he has problems but then as melee against triple caster.

Grass’s not always greener on the other side.

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I don’t get your post
Telling me that the issue is also on the other side doesn’t really provide any solution, does it?

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watch this guide

basically know when to use mobility and fake kicks and be in a good position

but its more effective if u watch the video

Hm, well I saw this video the other day maybe it helps you with positioning? Round 1 is against DPM combo and R2 has 3 melees. It’s not a tutorial but a player showing their own warlock gameplay in arena.

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