How long did it take you to get from 1-120?

Hmm, i just read that questing is a lot faster.

I’d say the usual, whatever that usual is.

Might be, but once you done that gazillion times, then killing monsters is less painful than running. And after i played classic, then it was 0 chance my kul tiran even does 1 single quest. It made me hurt inside soon as I saw a quest giver.

i was new took me a week without heirlooms(didn’t know and still don’t know where to get that) if you do dungeons all time, i think at least half of that time you get it at least…

~5 minutes on my last 120. Yay level boost!

Stupidly long before that, because I leveled my paladin alt in dungeons only, and only when rested. One dungeon or two a day. Still beats questing.

Took me about 3 months, as a completely new player, to get from 1 to 110. I mostly leveled by questing and wandering around, hence why it took so long. Like I didn’t move on the next expansion right away when I was able but couple of lvls later. Then from 110 to 120 in a something like 2 weeks, again was still doing legion content a lot so it took a while.

Ironforge Hall of Explorers, they are insanely expensive to level up tough, like blizzard wtf mate!

Like a day or two + 60€

I’ve only leveled up from 20-120 through Korrak’s Revenge recently.
I WILL be leveling a vulpera next week though and I’ll be doing it through questing and not rushing anything. I will use heirlooms, but not really for the XP boost, but rather just so I have less gear I need to replace regularly; which I find a bit of a bother while leveling up.

So… can’t answer your question… yet. :blush:

as long as i wanted…:stuck_out_tongue:

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/played 1 day 14 hours including RP on a priest belf to lv 84 so so far.

If you use boost it’s instant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

took me about 3 days taking my time, not rushing it, doing quests and queuing for dungeons

I hear you!! I am so bored of the quest content. I have heard that questing is faster but I’m not quite convinced that is true.

If you are a dps class you can certainly quest and queue for dungeons. If you can tank or heal you tend to get a pretty quick queue. Dungeons with quests are especially rewarding.

OP there is also a levelling potion

You can buy this on any 120 and send to either faction, they are account bound.

According to my achievements, it took 2 weeks, playing very casually. The first 60 levels are quite slow because of lack of flying and most of the time with slower ground mount speed

e. I leveled this character last month, mostly questing but doing also dungeons and a total of 25 Korrak’s revenge (24 wins)

1 to 120 is doable in around 24 hours.

I’ll have to check when I get home, but the last character that I levelled (a troll druid) probably took around 48 hours. I could have done it much quicker but I ended up taking my time in some areas (Northrend and Legion particularly) as there was some stuff that I’d never done before. I was disappointed to discover that you get no experience from the nightborne or Argus quests (I was trying to avoid doing BFA yet again). Party sync is great though and there are places where the experience gains are huge (Loch Modan + Explorer’s League quests + war mode = about a quarter of a level for about five minutes of work).

I completely admit and understand the fact I am bored of quest content is just because I have done it a lot. And have been in game so long. I do not hold it against Blizz.

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Well there is no way for them to change that quest content. I envy new players getting to soak it all up. New stuff is so much fun. If you are like me, and love new quests. Some hate questing no matter what.

I totally agree it’s just done it too many times and seen it all before.

I always loremaster trough new content and do it voluntarily. Except horde BfA, that was painful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did Loremaster twice :scream:

The original one, which was a pain in the posterior to get completion on Kalimdor. And then the revamped version after cata was introduced, I did it all again :rofl:

I do love all that kind of stuff though.