How to get rid of the factions

That is not going to happen. Anduin, Thrall and Baine protect her. If we want to have a shot to kill Jaina these people need to go away first. Without these aid she will be weak and being able to be shot down.

Talanji should go to the shadowlands and punch her dad that’s her revenge :stuck_out_tongue: for being stupid

I would personally prefeer No. 3

It allows more depth for story and for roleplay too.

Honestly, I’m for the options of factions staying, but the player (not really “the heroes” as our faction leaders are “heroes” too) bieng able to work with orcs, tauren, humans and dwarves.

Back before cataclysm and all those retcons, humans and their allies were welcome in Orgrimmar to trade (and under Thrall’s protection while there), while that won’t return any time soon they could still work together outside of core Horde/Alliance territories.

Maybe Anduin marries redeemed sylvanas and they unite factions. Seems like predictable next step haha.

both factions disband and reform as the Guardians of Azeroth faction since that’s all we seem to be doing now pvp can be some kind of wargame i guess

the symbol can be a lion’s head inside the horde symbol … there i did all the work for you blizz :stuck_out_tongue:

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