How Warmode ruined world PvP

(Natállka) #1

Needless to say something. Watch how Blizzard ruined our - or even your - favorite realm where you playing, with this garbage thing called Warmode which was supposed to made wPvP alive (lol). Back in Legion or in every expansion what we had we could play together and meet other players from our realms in world.
Now it’s completely dead because everybody have it disabled. Yes, of course, why enabling it for no rewards? (like 10-15% rewards, is that a bad joke?).
Blizzard please bring back PvP and PvE realms! Thank you very much…

(Goreeth) #2

How about because you want to PvP in the open world? That’s the whole idea behind it, isn’t it? Those who want to PvP can PvP and those who don’t - don’t. And if, by your own words, everybody has it disabled then almost nobody wants to PvP in the open world and there is no need for PvP servers and:

  1. split the few remaining players who want to PvP onto separate realms;
  2. force players that do not want to PvP to be on PvP servers because of guilds/friends/whatever reasons;

The only people who think WM ruined world PvP are those who thrived on killing unsuspecting, unprepared and unwilling to fight players in the world. Now everybody with WM on is prepared for PvP at any moment and either fight right back or have the knowledge/skills to run away from it at any point.

The huge downside of WM though is that the majority of those players (the willing and the prepared) are on the Horde side.

(Natállka) #3

You are not right. Even horde players from my server have this useless feature disabled.
It ruined whole world PvP on my and other realms. It is because Blizzard is slowly turning this game into PvE game so much and people don’t need to have this thing enabled. Like i said - why they should have? For 10-15% rewards? is that a bad joke?
Adding warmode, removing PvP vendors, braindead changes in talent/artifact traits… That all about.

and by the way, your 2. point

So forcing people who dont want to PvE back in Legion to do PvE (pre-quests through dungeons/raids) for getting traits/artf. power to get important items for PvP was good and right? By our own words? Interesting man…


This is a MMORPG game, not pvp or pve game. You have to do everything

(Vaëyn) #5

Seems alive to me, plenty conflict, even late night when I’m on. Depends on shard, lfg, etc., but typically I have no trouble finding enemies, and allies are usually around. It’s not a bg, so help is not expected from them. I use community or lfg for grouping.

The trouble with PvP servers, each one had different faction balances. That’s part of why they are gone. WM shards are faction balanced, with the Lfg effect acting as a fun variable to that. But the old PvP server faction imbalances were just perma skewed with no solution, other than to scrap them.

I have a far greater feeling of community than I did on my old Legion PvP server.

  1. The BfA communities feature has made a big difference to my sense of WPvP community. I might join a WPvP guild too. Lots of potential for community in WM.
  2. BfA Lfg also has a community feel at least some times, I often get the same players joining my groups. Much better than Legion Lfg.
  3. I use a kill on sight list addon to keep track of opponents that I want to remember, and often see them again. At least as much as I did in Legion, if not more.

(Malicone) #6

Warmode is not world pvp so what is it? It is battlegrounds!!! Unfortunately the dev team you are happy with how warmode works? You need to rethink and remove warmode, thanks!


Wm system is deeply flawed and needs a lot of working before it can be any viable . If they can’t fix it then they should bring back pvp servers .

(Coolgroove) #10

World PvP. Player(s) vs Player(s) in the open world. Not Player(s) vs Rewards.

Old PvP servers - not only you had a lot less rewards for doing WPvP, but majority of servers were skewed towards one faction. WPvP in the last expansion was almost non existent, while majority were just questing side by side with the opposing faction, or players on skewed realms were hunting opposite faction like a rare beasts that no one ever seen.

War Mode - not only you have better rewards for doing WPvP, but you also have more players around to do it with, like you’ve shown in your video.

Players who have WM disabled are doing it because they do not want WPvP for whatever reason. You show these players in your video and then want old PvP servers back to force them into WPvP not because they would want it, but only because you want them there, instead of players who want to do WPvP and choose to opt in, that you’ve shown in your video.

Removing Vendors - yeah, a bad design decision.
Second part - talents, traits, etc has nothing to do with how dead or alive WPvP is.

It is a MMORPG, not a PvP-only game. Questing and some PvE activities for leveling/story/getting main parts/etc are integral parts, just as an option to do some PvE endgame content for PvP players. There is not need to twist it - it doesn’t prove your argument, but actually the opposite. With current system:

  • players who do not want PvP can opt out of it no matter on what server and for what reasons they play.
  • players who like PvP can have it in open world, no matter on what server and for what reasons they play, and can have additional rewards for doing so.

The only thing that changed - you now have not only players from your server to play WPvP with, but also players from the whole region - much more players to play with. And even if not every name you meet if familiar to you yet, this change is still a good thing.

WPvP is Alive again! For everybody who wants to opt in.
… dramatic pause, inspiring music …
Rise of world PvP 2018-2019+

(Vaëyn) #11

WM is PvE+PvP. There will be those doing just PvE, and those doing just PvP, and most doing a mix of PvE and PvP. That’s the game mode. Players can do whatever they want, they paid for it. On/off any time, a non issue, because we have conflict.

PvEers belong in a PvE+PvP game mode. What matters is their balance, faction and overall. The outnumbered reward and aoo is working. PvE rewards encourage the PvEer, PvP limits the PvEer. Self balancing. The right number of PvEers overall, is the number that PvPers allow. A decrease in Horde PvEers, and an increase in Alliance PvErs, has brought the PvEer WM faction pop closer, as a result of aoo and outnumbered reward.

8.2 promises more PvP objectives in WM, looking forward to that! Increasing the number of PvP activities is the way to go for WM.

(Flintty) #12

I’m doing way more world PvP now that I have a choice and there’s always plenty of people about. I don’t care what realm they’re on as long as there are people. So, OP, I strongly disagree. World PvP is very much alive and your video seems more a complaint that people from your realm don’t PvP but does that really matter? No.


There’s a few reasons I can come up with why Warmode is terrible as it is right now.

It should just have been a toggle with no rewards tied to it, essentially allowing you to choose to be on a pvp server or not. Putting extra rewards behind Warmode is a typical Blizzard bonehead decision that made the whole thing one step forward, two steps back.

And then there is sharding…

I play on Kazzak, one of the largest Horde servers in EU and I never see other Horde players with warmode on actually engaging in the ridiculous gankfest that is “wurld pee vee pee”.

At the same time you have Alliance deathballs run around completely unchallenged because there are maybe 3 lone horde players on the entire map.

I can only assume it is the same but reverse on Alliance side since I do not play alliance.

The whole concept of world pvp is a big fail since being on any particular server doesn’t mean anything anymore with all the crossrealm tech that is in the game for years now.

(Vaëyn) #14

WM is PvE+PvP, why shouldn’t PvEers take part? They have the right to be there, any time they choose, for any reason. The rewards encourage both pure PvEers, and PvEers that also like WPvP. They have a time loss risk WM on, and get a reward for it. The different motivations of different players is part of what makes WM so dynamic. What is it to you if they choose to WM on anyway? There is plenty WPvP happening, non issue.

WPvPers have had WM on since start of BfA, I assume their numbers are consistent. PvEer numbers will fluctuate. But the number of PvEers has a natural limit, imposed by PvP, and it’s WPvPers role to limit the PvEer population.

The only issue was an imbalance in PvEers in the two factions. Aoo reduces the Horde PvEers, and increases the Alliance PvEers, to bring the PvEer faction pops closer.

PvP servers had different faction balance per server, useless. WM shards are faction balanced, with lfg providing a fun variable imbalance. Solution to that is lfg.

WPvP has never been better imo, and more WM features are on the way :+1:

(Natállka) #15

I bet you are PvE player who was playing on PvP realm and was too poor to move from PvP realm to PvE realm to play in peace - or I dont know why you praise this useless feature so much.

(Vaëyn) #16

I praise wm because I find wpvp fun. If something aint fun I don’t do it, simple. I don’t find dungeons or raids fun, so I avoid them. Very easy choice to toggle wm on or not. It is such a non issue. Not fun? Don’t do it. Fun? Do it.


If wm is pvp +pve then they should not had closed pvp servers .

(Vaëyn) #18

PvP servers could be drastically faction imbalanced, with no way to rebalance them. WM shards are the solution to that. Sure WM shards can seem unbalanced at times, but that’s just the lfg effect. Solution to that is, lfg.

In wm, any player can opt in for wpvp any time, instead of having to be on a specific server. Much better. My wm is on all the time, but I know some like to do wm just when they feel like it. That is awesome. Player choice.


The bad joke of Warmode is that it offered extra incentives from the start

I’m for a hard reset, remove all baseline incentives from Warmode on the next expac besides allowing for pvp talents then work from that position

10-15% on gold, war resources and ESP AP is a lot and the only reason you think its bad is because you probably experienced a time where it was 30% which is imo rediculously broken


Warmode is not so bad. I mean consider that world PVP was never great if you took the nostalgia fumes away.
The only issue I have with warmode is the ability to turn it off at will because we have a lot of people just doing the weekly quest then leaving to ensure they keep the buff. Yes I mean the Alliance!

(Vaëyn) #21

Aoo is designed to help reduce Horde overflow shards, seems to be working.