HPala lf Mythic Raiding Guild


Oh hi there folks,

thanks for checking my post. Let’s see… as the title says I’m looking around for a Mythic raiding guild that might need an additional Healer to add to their roster. I’ve Mythic raiding experience, plenty of time to dedicate to the game, to analyze my logs and try to improve myself (the “luck” of working really weird hours :P).
I’m fairly new of Healing but I’m having lots of fun, enjoying the play style, pushing some M+ (did few 10+ and reaching soon 1k .rio score - I know, I know, isn’t that much at this point of the expansion).
I’ve 3/8 M Uldir experience with my Mage (which I’m not enjoying too much) and did Zekvoz M with the Hpala.

Gear wise, I’m close to be 380 but I rather have lower ilvl and min max stats then just equip the highest stuff I got. I can play pretty much every day EXCEPT weekends that I dedicate to my wife. I’m looking for a grown up guild to do progress with, learn from each other while pushing the content. I’m open to confront myself and admit mistakes as long as criticism is done in a constructive way.

I’d prefer to stay on the Horde side if possible, but I would be open to a faction change too if necessary. If you have any other question, wanna chat or w/e hit me up and/or add me on Bnet: KniVv#2180



hey, check this link


Hey dude!

We are a newly formed guild with players that are 3/8 M. We stopped raiding from our previous guild because of some problems. We are recruiting people for the next tier mythic raid. Here is the link to our post:

You can also see our page on wowprogress:
(there is a space between . and com
www.wowprogress .com/guild/eu/draenor/Halbech+Corporation

You can add one of the 2 contact to have more information about us.

Have a good day, see ya