Hpally/ resto druid/ mw monk looking for mythic guild

Hi there,

looking for a guild for shadowlands, currently a holy pally 474 and just got keystone master - just came back after an extended break. Looking to probably change class due to not liking new paladin style but still looking to heal (possibly druid, priest or monk), would prefer raiding on weekends if possible. Have experience doing a little bit of mythic raiding in legion and would love to still do it (I like challenging content) however can’t commit the full amount of time needed to progress hardcore due to work, I would however still like to do a couple of nights a week raiding mythic.

Love chilling back in discord just doing keys with guildies. Just a laid back dude.

Don’t mind realm or faction

Thanks for reading ^-^

Hello Thecheese.

Maybe we at Faster than Lag could be something for you ?

We have a poll up atm for our members to pick raid days and currently we will be doing weekend raiding Friday’s and either Saturday/Sunday.

I can however not guarantee you mythic raiding but if we do get 20 people together and interest for mythic we will venture in and experience it .

You can read more about us here

We are currently still looking for a healer so preferable priest or monk . Either is up to you :slight_smile: .

You got any questions or want more information then please contact us LFC#21212

Best regards

Hey mate
Add me to Btag Peepeeineye#2230 Think i got the guild for you.

Hello TheCheest,

If you are looking to stay Alliance then Zim Zalabim could be the fit for you, we are on Ravencrest,

Check out the recruitment post here it seems to check most your boxes.

And if you have anymore questions feel free to contact me on:

bnet: glenn819#1838
Discord: glenn819#6544