Husband & Wife Power Couple Free To A Good Home

This is a plea to rehome two tired, middle-aged humans. Both have plenty of life left in them and still have their wits about them, but would be best suited to a quiet home without any children, drama or loud noises.

We’ve just recently rerolled back to alliance, the wife is a warlock and I’m a multi-talented demon hunter, expert in every single talent spec they have.

We’re looking for a 2 nights a week guild (preferably not weekends) with a relatively small player base where we can make friends, be included and not be sat wishing we were in the m+ clique.

We’re both ex mythic raiders, raided together since Cata and very dedicated/committed.

Edit: Wrong demon hunter but basically the same thing!

Check our guild out and see if it suits you :smiley:

I did love the sound of yours but your raid times are 6:30pm for me, I don’t get in from work until about 5:45 which doesn’t give me much time to eat etc :frowning:

Heyy Phillidari, I would invite you to read through another forum post of mine.
We are always open to more people, especially for our Core team if people manage to fit well with our team. That said, we do raid Wed-Sun (with Tues added later), so we do have a weekend day.
If you want to have a more personal chat, feel free to add me on Discord: Tex#1991

We can take on more people in either a raid or social capacity. Hell Hath No Fury - Ravencrest. Look us up and feel free to contact me in game if you would like to discuss further. Zwut-Ravencrest

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