I am glad the tree mount won

You do realise the vote hasn’t ended??


Doesn’t matter.
Nature always wins.


Oh Hi! I haven’t seen you in a while, Benjamin!

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you have a pet that is a torch,xd

I’m having trouble voting since it says I can’t post comments. But this works?


it’s a bit of a routing mess to get to the poll if you go via some of the provided links.

This link has the embedded poll:

You don’t comment you just click on the box poll box inside the post.
Hopefully that was your issue.

Thanks for the reply. I got it to work by logging in via incognito browser. It seemed like it didn’t read my characters correctly and claimed I didn’t have a lvl 10+. I have now cast my vote! Yay for democracy

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You uh… voted for the tree… right buddy?

:fist_right: :fist_left:

No i voted for Neurbian spider because i am lich queen and all.

Hello hello hello :wine_glass:

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I am actually shocked at how few people are rallying for a Scourge mount.
Everyone seems hellbent on the Ancient, spell tome and caterpillar.

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Yes lowest votes… I am shocked too.

Got my Cremating Torch ready, at least I’ll get more use out of it than setting my friends corpse on fire everytime he dies. :slight_smile:

How you gonna get this mount? Its gonna be a “shop” mount?

I was going to lash out at you based on the title and first sentence, but you turned it around in an unexpectedly pleasant way. My hat goes off to you.


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No, free for all who bought Shadowlands.

Nature always finds a way

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Can’t wait for all the people who voted on it whine on the forums because they always get stuck and the ones saying how unique it is finally realizing it was just a Gronnling mount with leaves. :smirk:


You mean a different whining than the one we now get from people because their mount won’t win? :wink:


Nobody knows which mount will win though, the poll hasn’t finished yet, and they are taking the votes from all regions, so all this is pointless.

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it’ll be another gronnling/gul’dan model mount.

Too big to fit through doors. A ground mount that will be limited in use.
I have the crab mount and midnight mount. Both look amazing, but i never use them. because they’re just ground mounts. Honestly a waste of well designed mount in my opinion.

I don’t know why you think it’s such a nice thing. They won’t look similar to ents, and you won’t be hobbits riding it.

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