I am Looking clan:)

Hello all :slight_smile:
I am just getting back after wery long break( many years) and looking to start playing again.
I really don’t wanna play alone so i am looking nice and active clan.
I have okish raiding experience from earlier years ,nothing insane but ok.
I definetly wanna start raiding again @ some point.
I allso wanna get into some pvp .
I am up for all the clan clan events and activities.
i am 30 years old .
Haven’t yet decided what ill play but probably something with mellee warrior,uh dk,feral druid with heal offspec or ww monk. Gonna take some to learn the game again and get back theyr but got time :slight_smile: And wanna doit with some nice people. :slight_smile:
Can add me with my btag Maestery#2432

join us in mortal we are recruiting active people for raiding and pvp

We are on kazzak tho

Hello there,

We are recruiting at the moment at Tooth and Fang on the Draenor server and are in demand for DPS players for our raiding team. We are pushing CN at the moment and are looking to continue that into 9.1 :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me on discord for a chat - Elfilda#9187

Hey buddy! I’m the GM of Noobs with Keyboards (NwK), just here to drop off some info about us!

We are a newly created social Guild with semi-hardcore aspects. We treat our Guild as a safe space for players of any skill level and experience. We do current content activities, where we can, such as current content raiding, and M+. We also run old content for achievements, transmog, mounts and pets, and more! We also try to arrange some form of Guild event once a week :smiley: . We are on EU Draenor

Here’s the recruitment post for you to look through, if you like :slight_smile: If you have any questions please feel free to add me on Discord: Dan.#9870

Hey there!

I’m representing the guild on Ravencrest Alliance. We are a fresh guild that just is seeking to fill our roster in our progress raiding team for 9.1. :slight_smile:

Sinbreakers Progression raids offers a calm raiding environment, lead under a CE player (10/10M in 9.0). Outside raids we have a welcoming community where all kind of content is being played. M+, PvP, achievement runs.

We look for long lasting players that wants to progress with us, even in rough times.

Our focus is to hit AOTC & CE in every tier, although CE in 9.0 might be too late.

We formed just a few weeks ago, and are already 10/10N & 7/10HC after the first raid week. With majority of raiders that’s raiding CN for the first time. We are now 10/10hc and going mythic as soon as we have the people for it.

Raid times are 18-21 Wed/Thur/Sunday [CEST] - Would you be interested to join the roster?

Feel free to add me on bnet for chat: NightRaven#284343

Hi Azazyel

I’m an officer in a Horde guild called Lux Aeterna on Deathwing. Hook me up for a chat on Discord: Antionette#8339
Or you can check this post out that I posted days ago :slight_smile:

Hi there,

[H] Crustacean nation (Draenor) is a newly formed guild made of mythic raiders with the goal of reaching CE in 9.1. We are recruiting dedicated DPS and healers who want to give their best performance Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

We have an exceptional core and want to start with Mythic progress as we cleared HC CN within the very first raid night!

Feel free to DM me on discord @ KooDoo#3050.