I cant see my characters on sylvannas server

is the sylvannas server down? i cant see my characters on that realm but can see my other characters on other realms.

Same here. this server is broken. Constant freezes and now this.

Yea, it’s not just you unfortunately.

(shameless link to his own post about it: Forum Post)

Deleting of Cache and WTF folders does not help.

Its not just Sylvanas, but also Daggerspine, Lightning’s Blade and Dragonblight too. Tried to look at my characters on the website, but it gives me an error for most of them.

The Maelstrom too. I bet the others in the cluster are identical. Can’t remember every darn connected realm.

Arathor aswell

then we are up to 25 realms that are not working

Deathwing and Kilrogas well.

When it happened I thought it was probably a simple hardware error & it would reboot itself but seems to be more serious.

Leveling an alt in Zaralek and now located right in the middle of where 4 lvl 70 mob spawn so that will be fun when I can get back in!

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Same here, I can’t log in for quite some time now. Are the hamsters on a strike that power the servers?

Ditto - blank screen, on Sylvanas - now I have to talk to the wife… thanks!


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