I can't stay away from this place

It’s the law to stand on your longboi at the mailbox outside the auction house :wink:

…yes? Why else would anyone spend 5 million on it? I mean I bet some would but I am not one of those people.

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Engineers can use the Auction House in whatever capital city we have in expansions.

Not as convenient as the long boi ofc.

That’s silly, use the one by the bank.

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The other thing is if you use it at any other location, to move a few steps every time someone tries to use your mount.

But it’s a brilliant reply, and the nature of what happens when you make that reply also happens to me.

It’s massively, insanely, stupidly complicated. It’s impossible to encapsulate in a post, and without understanding the full context of each statement in relation to previous statements, or if you don’t want to read the hilariously large rant until completion, the whole thing falls apart.

The listener needs to make a very dedicated effort to listen. For hours. It’s not going to happen 99% of the time.

There’s a reason 1 company got it right and 40 companies tried to copy them and it all blew up in their faces over and over again. Even among professionals it’s hard to understand.

I only understand it because I was willing to spend dozens of hours with vanilla developers and read several books from them and joined one of their Discords. There is no way in Hell I could’ve worked it out on my own. Those people are absolute geniuses.

By the way, in regards to nodes and tagging: There’s a tension when it comes to tagging and nodes being stolen. Is it annoying? Yes, but in the same way that it’s annoying that someone runs a cart into yours at the super market, or the last chocolate muffin is sold in 7-11 just before you arrive to the counter: The frustration isn’t with the game, it’s with the person, and the person’s right there: You can talk to him, get mad, try to get a share, group up so the problem goes away, etc. It gets you talking and it feels logical and believable.

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I can’t say exchanging insults because they grabbed whatever you were going for has been a good social experience.

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That’s not a good compromise though is it. it’s not good for people who want to fly and no good for people who don’t want to fly. I mean for people who don’t want to fly, there is still the issue of a game that makes flying advantageous.
I mean, I would like a game where flying is not necessary or not desirable, and yet I have to level through pandaria and I most certainly want to fly right now.
The thing is, I think that any person who wants ‘no fly’, would actually hate the game as it currently is without flying. I think what we need is to change the game so we don’t have to constantly keep covering these long distances.

to be honest, I think grand theft auto addresses this really well.

It is the only possible compromise. They can’t remove flying, they tried that and so many players cancelled their subs they did a u turn in a very short period of time.

Flying will always be necessary to those who want it and have been enjoying it in the game. It was literally Vanilla that didn’t have it. The game coped perfectly fine for many years with flying, had a community. Not being with people from your own realm is the issue but for some reason some will always try to turn it into something else.

Technically a person who doesn’t want to fly has the choice to stay on the ground but I doubt anyone would actively handicap themselves in that way. A person who wants flying can’t fly if we are forced to be grounded.

You can’t make people who dislike the grounded gameplay suddenly love it. They even recognised it was a mistake in Legion to give us flying and then put us in a grounded zone. This time they didn’t repeat the mistake and we can fly on Mecha and Nazjatar.

Every part of this game is more fun with flying for me, I no life the flying achie as soon as it’s unlocked. I was one of the few people flying in my shards for the first few days because I hate being stuck on the ground. The game is 100% more enjoyable with flying. There is no way to make me like being grounded. I would love to go back to the buy flying at max level model we had since TBC, but it’s a thing of the past.

You are free to believe that flying is the big bad evil but I simply have not experienced that at all from TBC until now. The thing that is missing is our realms.


It’s not the only possible compromise. I just laid it out.

Don’t remove flying. have flying available right from the start of each XP. just make sure the game content is arranged in such a way that flying is not necessarily desired for any reason other than to enjoy flying.

I don’t think flying is the big bad evil, I like flying, especially in massive areas that are boring as heck to travel across (cough cough elwynn forest)
I just think the balance of the game is wrong.
I don’t want to lose flying, I don’t hate flying, I just don’t want it to be so necessary.

It is the only compromise. Both have a period of time when they get what they want.

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I mean clearly you have no interest in actually listening to what I’m saying right now. you’re just completely contradicting me and have made no attempt to look outside this one rigid concept.

I’m sorry I can’t have a conversation with you about this. I’m trying to be reasonable but it can only work if both people have an open mind and are willing to consider different scenarios.

I don’t think you understand what a compromise is.


Which you are both not doing so maybe walk away and stop projecting .

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how exactly can you say that??
I have explored quite a few different ideas in this thread alone.

I’ve taken on board many different ideals and concepts that Punyelf herself has brought to the table.

Easy i typed it …

Now both of you need a break and to calm down its that simple .

Well I don’t know how my posts are coming across to each different person exactly, but I’m perfectly calm. :slight_smile:

There currently is no requirement to fly for anything in WoW, it’s not like the older expansions where flying was required at max level to get to areas.

I have friends who don’t ever bother to get pathfinder, they manage without. Anyone who wants to stay on the ground can. That has always been possible. It’s not as efficient because you have to traverse terrain where as we can just go over it.

Those who don’t want flying, don’t want for just themselves to be on the ground. They want it taken away from everyone or made so useless it’s not worth using. That isn’t a compromise.


That to me is not reasonable or calm in any sense of the word but ok as you wish you are right good day and gl trying to drive away long term players with your views .

I mean I can’t argue with that specifically. there is no requirement for flying, and I have been getting by okay without pathfinder…
but it is driving me insane having to travel to these same world quests day in an d day out in order to get this priestess moonsaber.
I know full well that if I had the time for pathfinder, I would be flying, and I wish I wasn’t made to feel this way.

I don’t want to stop you from flying, please believe me when I say that. I am just trying to make the point that, I think it would be better if the game wasn’t designed in such a way where it can become almost painful to not fly.
I just want you to understand that. can you please acknowledge this point and this point alone? not necessarily agree with it, but see the merit of what I’m saying?

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