I need some help with Fishing

Im quite new to WoW and im trying to get the Fishing Artifact at the moment… But whenever i fish in the places to get the fish for Bigger Fish To Fry i cant get my “Normal” fishing level up, Only my legion one which i already maxed out… And i watched some videos on people fishing in the area and they get Skill for their normal fishing but i dont get any Skill in those areas of the Broken Isles… Yes this might be a “Nooby” thing to post about, but i was just seeking some help as i havent found any help anywhere while ive tried to search about it… :sweat_smile:

Fishing skill was changed in BfA.

There is no “Normal” fishing skill any more.

In Legion (and I suspect those videos you wathed were from Legion) there was still a “normal” fishing skill, that went up to 800. That’s gone.

You just need your Legion fishing skill maxed for the Underlight Angler now.

So don’t worry about it. You have the skill required. Just go on, catch your rares and do the other steps the guides recommend!


This is what happens at 4.30 am and you wake up bleary eyed and goto a website.

My eyes registered your thread as “I need some help with fisting”

Way too early for me.


There’s an AWESOME guide in wowhead which you should follow to get the Legion fishing pole. And it’s well worth it btw getting it


The only thing I’ll mention here is that you don’t need 800 Fishing anymore, Legion 100 is the requirement since the profession changes that came with Battle for Azeroth, otherwise the guide is still good :slight_smile:


There’s no 100 requirements for anything. All you really should do is head over and fish Arcane Lures, get around 20 or so and you should be good. By the time you have 20 lures you’ll be around 40 fishing skill. By the time you’ve caught up your 6/7th rare fish you’ll be 100.

Never use the rare fish to up your fishing skill, vendor them as they go for 10g.

Finally OP this takes around two and a half hours with flying. If you don’t have it double that time I’d say.

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Many thanks to all of you who posted here and helped me :slight_smile:

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