I was in Northrend when

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Hmmm priests appear to be the last line of defence against stowaways on ships. :grin:

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A place at the end of lonely street, it’s called Heartbreak Hotel.


Topically, we’re resistant to fall damage.


lol regarding naxramas I made total fool out of my self there, for some reason I was pvp enabled not sure why, and when I landed there I saw 4 hordies waiting, I freaked out and hit disengage and next thing I notice is my flying off nax, down to my death, first I was like what happend, but when I realiced what I have just done, I could not stop laughing at my self.

oh that is not first time I do silly things like that and kill my self, looking at you Arathi basin, lumber mill.

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Reminds me why, of all classes, I hated warriors the most :stuck_out_tongue:

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