Im looking for a guild! Horde preference


Im looking for a guild! horde preffered
As were getting towards a new season im hoping to find a raid team/active guild to join. I have no real issues with my current guild just feel that now is going to be the right time to head to pastures new.
at max lvl I currently have

Hunter 272 ilvl
warlock 271 ilvl
WW Monk 262 ilvl
DH 260 ilvl
shammy enh 260 ilvl
druid 250 ilvl
dk 250 ilvl
warrior 240 ilvl

Paladin 262 ilvl

Looking for a guild that raids 1 or 2 night a week aims for curve each tier ( im not in a hurry for it but nice to get)

ive achieved curve on all tiers for past few expansions with exeption of sepulcher (currently on jailer time off due to hand surgery)

Personal Info about me is Im english, 37 and married with Kids. I started playing mid BC taking breaks back end of CATA and warlords I haven’t been too active this expansion with work commitments but that has started to calm down so im able to be on more often.

cervet#2247 if you want to chat more

Hey there!

Ministry of Silly Wipes are recruiting for both factions!
We’re a casual raiding, who are aiming for curve. Though we have people with various IRL commitments to work around, and so progress may be a bit slower, but i think we can get there =)

Have a look at the linked thread, and if we sound right for you, please add me for a chat!
Discord: xWestie#9361
Bnet: Westie#2496

Hi Cervet,

We are a Horde guild on EU-Draenor and sounds like you may be a good fit :slight_smile:

Check us out here:

Hi Cervet,

We have a lot of guildies in your age group if you are interested.

Let me know and good luck regardless!

Punished could offer you a spot if you are up for the challenge of cross realm and faction raiding :). We would love if you could join either on your hunter or warlock, as the melee camp is way too crowded, but could make an exception for your WW or ench. shaman as those classes we really lack at the present moment.

Our aim is AotC, usually we have managed it, past tier was an exception since people got tired. We might move in a slower pace since people have commitments, cannot make it and usually we are relatively lenient of the skill level on players.

Present progression is 9/11 HC with Rygelon progression. Raiding times Wed/Thurs from 21 to 00 server time.

Add me on discord if you are interested and we can discuss further: Mari#6813

Long post can be found here: Delete please