In Development: See What’s Next in Patch 10.0.7

I like the Orc one better and I don’t even play Orcs. Would have prefered Draenei and Troll heritage gear.

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How about you fix 10.0.5 things you broke, before talking about next patch.


Tbh, meh…

I mean I was expecting what we got (Footman and Grunt), but it just doesn’t do it for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome they’re finally bringing back the heritage armor, and I’ll collect it, but will probably never use it. Just doesn’t do it for me.

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Cries in no worgen shaman…

Maybe next patch…

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dosn’t make sense for them to be added now ngl.

I guess they might happen so close in 10.1

But they might begin to add few new class/race Combos in 10.1 or 10.1.5 or 10.2

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The totem style art is not prepared yet, Just a style totem appearances and then recolor the rest totemic spells

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I am EXTREMELY disappointed that we’re getting yet another Stormwind guard type armor. Is it a well designed armor? Sure, objectively it is. But come on… We have so many variations of that same stuff already!

This is unusable for me as a hunter. Completely unusable.
Conspiracy time: You devs did this so I would change race again, didn’t you?!

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Fun fact: Starting with 10.0.7, 7 out of 13 classes (Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Monk, Death Knight) are gonna be available to all races except Drakthyr.


Or maybe also in 10.0.7 but they’re working on it still?

This might be why… the other classes didn’t need artwork. Still, 1 design per race, it’s not that hard. I hope for soon.

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So do Gilneas and Kezan get monk trainers? Wonder how that’s gonna be.


← Person who loves the Warcraft III footman asthetic. As a kid, I’d print out wallpapers with my mom’s printer (and waste all her ink) because I loved it so much :stuck_out_tongue: Currently, t3 Arathi Warfront plate is my favourite set (for Alliance and Horde). So, I’m a bit biased.

That said… I love the footman helmet style, but it looks… a bit clunky and disproportionate… Perhaps the set needs better scaling on the female human model? Some of the yellows look like they have a bit of a blue-ish tone over of it, making it a slight green-ish colour, especially on the clothy bits (maybe I’m blind lol). The textures of the leggings (specifically the belts and leather bits around the knees) look a bit low-res and a bit stretched :S I appreciate that they’re trying a bit more of a grounded fantasy footman with the leather, plate, and chainmail parts (like the Warcraft III footman), as that’s what I really want personally. Curious how this looks on the male, but really hoping the leggings will get some work, and the helmet will be modelled to be a bit less “clunky”.

As for the orc set, this might’ve been the hardest one to design philosophically. The “old Horde” was basically a blood-crazed “horde” of demon blood-drinking monsters. That’s what the first orc on Azeroth was like… However, with Thrall’s Horde, the orcs were far less bloodthirsty, and much more focused on building a home for themselves in this new world. So, which style do they design for? Looks like the went for the former.

It also reminds me of some of Warcraft II’s concept art for orcs in general, as well as Warchief Blackhand. Almost all of the older renditions of the orcs wore fur-lined boots though. Kinda feel like it’s missing that.

Even though I’m a human main, I feel like the orc set is still the stronger set. But I don’t think it tops the Arathi t3 plate for Horde :S I also feel like it’s missing some red. But I’m really hoping the fur components around the waist also wrap around the backside as a kind of loincloth or mini-kilt. Can’t see in this image :frowning:

They did confirm that there will be “a couple of variations” of the sets when they come out. I doubt they will be major variations, and they will probably consist of different colour combinations. Here’s to hoping the variations give us more options and that there’s still time to make some adjustments! :slight_smile:

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New RAF rewards, are those backwards compatible somehow? I have accumulated over 30 months via friends now. Most of them quit so I doubt I can reel in new months. Would be great if you could offer quality, so people have a reason to return/ play.

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Orc is disappointing.

Both armor doesnt fit all classes. Just imagine orc mage in it

The human boots are abysmal.

what is going on with the RAF renovation? i dont see any different rewards

dracthyr never happened and will be deleted at the end of dragonflight, any dracthyr owner will choose a class/race of his choosing with same ilvl


Somehow monk trainers travelled back intime to introduce that class to the denizens.

I want to See Worgen, Nightborne, Dwarf and Kul Tiran demon hunters!

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So Dog can be monk…why panda can’t be druid?
And we need more paladins