Increased Arena Rating Cutoff Values

We have seen some concerns regarding the Arena rating cutoff details and wanted to confirm that the increased values are accurate. We resolved an issue where the leaderboards were not updating correctly, it now shows the current season cutoff awards. This increase in the cutoffs in comparison to last season is due to weekly MMR increase that was introduced to the game. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will let you know if anything changes.

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Dear sir,

As of today the 2v2 EU duelist cutoff starts at 2508 which according to websites using blizzards API is rank 1479.

At the end of season 5 the duelist cutoff has been 2177 which was rank 2978. Season 4 (tbc) duelist cutoff was 2228 rating which was rank 1317 arena team, which multiplied by 2 equals to rank 2634 player.

The weekly MMR increase was a fix to the broken s5 mmr gains, your team knows better how exactly were they broken, but everyone could see they were.

Please note that your upper statement claims that the arena population dropped by half compared to previous seasons, however the rating still inflated because people gain 15-30 mmr per week. A more logical explanation would be that rating is inflated because S5 to S6 had only a soft MMR reset while WOTLK release had hard mmr reset.

It still remains quite fishy if arena actually dropped around 50% participation not only compared to S5 but to all 5 classic PvP seasons so far, cause it really does not feel like it when it comes to que activity in 2v2.

It did drop 50%

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Hey Blizzard, i believe most people are rather wondering why there is only -50% of R1 / Glad spots left. The increased cutoff rating makes total sense after the MMR inflation fix last season.
But for example in S5 we had around 308 3s Glad spots. At this moment in S6 it’s only around 124 spots in EU according to
There never has been such a massive dropoff between two seasons in my memory.
Last season until approx the middle of season people below 1500 were missing in the calculation resulting in less spots. Maybe the same bug occured again?

Increase dps of MM and BM hunters when ?

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