Interested in RP need advice

Hey! So I’ve recently became interested in trying out RP as I’m no longer raiding and need something to fill my time. I’ve always been a bit jealous of you RPers as you never run out of content making your own.

I checked out the guide to rp for noobs that’s stickied however I’m looking for some more info and maybe a bit of help.

I’m looking to try my luck as a Night elf DK and was wondering if anyone has some pointers of dos & donts for them

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Brutal honesty: don’t play a night elf DK as your first ever RP character. It’s a hard concept to pull off.

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As a huge death knight fanboy I second this statement. DKs are fun for RP, and really allow a lot of dynamic stuff, but you’re better off starting with a more grounded concept.


Perhaps a human/ Dwarf Death Knight might be more manageable to pull off from the get go.

If so I can only recommend the Ebon Onslaught for Death Knight Roleplay. Plenty of folk there willing to help refine your concept for you.

EDIT: Found here [Ebon RP - A&H] The Ebon Onslaught - On the Hunt


Would be something if it wasn’t for the fact my dk will be night elf for m+ purposes

Well, the character you roleplay does not have to be the character you run content with!

Well if you intend to go on with a Night Elf you will come into the same problem as Draenei do.

To be a Death Knight would be an abomination to your people’s beliefs. Aside from being shunned from your former societies you would have to question your own existence. Everything you believed would condemn yourself to be a monster.

One would need a good reason to continue existing if one was particularly a Draenei or Night Elf Death Knight.

But yeah as Coldshade said it doesn’t have to be the character you do Content with.

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Though this part is very easily solved by RPing a death knight with 0 memory of their past, which is easily done.


I usually only run one toon for everything, I really couldn’t be bothered to keep relogging all the time

We’ll make a proper RPer out of you yet, I am sure of it :slight_smile:

But yea, Ebon Onslaught is a good friendly guild with many people who knew alot about Death Knights! They’ll be more then able to help you out in your story for a Night Elf Death Knight! :slight_smile:

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A possible avenue if one wishes to Roleplay a blank slate as it were.

Wouldn’t it be possible to have a night elf that hates themselves but then uses that anger to fuel themselves?

I did try and read up some and from what I saw they need to inflict suffering/pain to keep going so potentially you could use that anger outwards on your enemies?

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That would be possible, yes. Zeal, in a sense.

This is a very weird thing that keeps being said for years.

Redemption in the eyes of Elune (despite unachievable probably), fear of eternal damnation as the alternative if you dont make it (pretty reasonable to assume thats where you go as a Dk, esp when shades start haunting you), and the wish to protect your own are very good reasons to not kill yourself as a night elf DK.

I’d argue the only reason you mightnot want to RP a night elf AND a DK at that, is because

A. Night elf lore is super vast
B. DK lore is pretty vast and also tricky to pull off with no previous RP experience.

Edit: Another reason to not off yourself is simple spite and bitterness towars your goddess (who didn’t help you) and your people (who hate you for something that isn’t your fault). Your Ebon brothers and sisters are now your family.

See, not that hard

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These are two great guides I could recommend taking a look into if you specifically going to Roleplay a Death Knight.

As for guilds you are aiming for Alliance I presume I have set up a small gathering of guilds I can recommend.

Night Elves are indeed slightly ‘‘more complicated’’ to roleplay due to the nature of their race but I would only recommend you to try to read more into the specific lore of their race instead of encouraging you to step into another race instead if that is what you want.

< The Ebonsworn >
‘‘Dark Protectors of Azeroth’’ type of guild. We combine the ‘‘Brotherhood’’ vibe of WotLK and the ‘‘Military’’ side of Legion. We are a ‘‘Acting Unit’’ of the Ebon Blade roaming areas to serve the Ebon Blade’s interest. Short in short we do ‘‘bad’’ stuff to achieve good things.

< The Dark Grail >
Lawful Evil Order of the Ebon Blade. While they see their duty to protect the living, they do not see it necessary to be involved with them beyond protecting them. They rely on their vows and duty to the Ebon Blade instead of morals.

< Ebon Ranger >
Chaotic Neutral/Good Ebon Blade affiliated group, aiming to maintaining the balance between life and death with their forces mainly focused on Shadowlands and what lies beyond the veil. Working with the living is not an issue for them yet they are well aware that the living might not approve of their methods. But they do what the living cannot and they will continue doing that.

< Hand of Thassarian >
The guild is an Alliance-based undead concept consisting mainly of death knights, yet other out-of-character classes are welcome as long as the character, in-character, is an undead, or uses powers of the undead – such as necromancers, et cetera. We are creators, and joiners of both large and small events, and participants of war campaigns. The events include training days, travelling, missions, and cross-faction warfare, either guild only or other guilds and communities. As we are an event and campaign structured guild, we do also have casual roleplay within and about Deadwind Pass, and within the main Alliance roleplay hubs – Duskwood and Stormwind City.

< The Crypt Seekers >
Not a company consisting of the undead alone, the Seekers’ cadre of Ebon Blade members is still rather sizeable. A group of adventurers and treasure hunters, they also do the occasional hunt for rogue necromancers or other common targets of the Ebon Blade, thanks to their leader being a Death Knight. The Crypt Seekers are not fully affiliated with the Alliance and are neutral towards the Horde. The group’s general alignment also can best be described as true neutral; The main goal being to always keep their own casualties as low as possible while making the largest monetary profit they can.

< The Eclipse >
Soldiers of the Alliance, living and undead whom march a bleak path, working under the wing of an Ebon Knight with unwavering loyalty to the King and Crown. Despite this they share a code of immoral edicts, posing no qualms with studying nor wielding eldritch darkness.

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There’s also us, the Onslaught which is both Alliance and Horde side.
Should you wish to learn more about DK RP, I’d recommend taking a look at our thread:

Then again, a NE DK would be -difficult- to pull off for a new Roleplayer.
I’d suggest you observe, first and see what you’d like to RP.
Start with an human, always simple - versatile!


Night Elf Death Knights usually played in two different roles.

Either they surrendered themselves of their past, do not really look back into their cultural roots as a Night Elf and just focus on his/her task as a Death Knight.

Or you are someone who still value of what s/he used to be but understand that his people will never fully accept what s/he have become and attempt to seek to do good with that s/he is now while still ‘‘respecting’’ the past.

Night Elves are way harder on Undead than the Draenei are so I tend to see Night Elves Death Knights getting more tough approach by his/her fellow race.

As you asked for pitfalls. Don’t hang around bars, inns or other places ‘normal’ characters do if you don’t have a good reason. You’re a hated abomination, your order (the Ebon Blade) did and still does some questionable stuff, and you are undead, you also have some pretty bad emotional problems as you’ll see when you read a bit into DK lore. There’s hardly a reason for you to hang out in most normal hubs.

Which leads to another problem and a reason to not RP a DK as the first RP char. RP is hard to come by as a DK unless with your fellow other DK RPers, which there are luckily quite a bit around currently.

Wasn’t there a comic in which Thassarian (the human DK) went to a bar in Stormwind? I never read the comic, though, so I don’t know how that ended for him.

Thassarian traveled to Stormwind and met with King Varian Wrynn who accepted the Knights of Ebon Blade as allies and readmitted its members as members of the Alliance. After this, he went to the Blue Recluse for a drink. He chose this place because he used to come here for the great food, drinks and conversation. He started such a conversation with the innkeeper Steven Lohan when he ordered a mug of ale. Steven told him he heard of the king’s announcement and asked him what he’ll do when the Lich King is dead. When Steven asked him if he’ll return to his family, Thassarian simply said he had no family.

It is correct that there are those Death Knights who still value some aspect of their former lives while there are those who have forsake it completely.