Internal Auction Error when buying token

my sub ends in 12 hours, 04/04 at 2pm
and i spent the last 2 hours trying to buy token from AH and keep saying “internal Auction Error”
worked on 1 account, and error on 2 ,
i borrowed my friend’s logging , Error
i borrowed second logging , works fine
so 3 accounts Error and 2 works just fine with the same gold traded around all 5 accounts :smiley: :smiley:

  • i reset the UI like Blizz say, WTF , Interface, cache ( no addon installer app already )
  • reset UI again + restart my PC
  • i even logged in with Blizz App each time but nothing
  • completely uninstalled battlenet and game and installed everything from scratch on different SSD
  • funny thing is after i reinstalled everything, the Wotlk shortcut on my destop is white blank, and says Burning crusade Classic, but lunches wotlk classic :smiley: like … ok !

so yeah 1 hour before my sub ends on 2 accounts and Blizz want me to buy with money instead of using ingame feature

best in slot design

  • ** UPDATE * * *

unbelievable level of incompetence from the GMs,
one of the GMs figured out that the system stuck in the error because it didnt recognize February as 30 days ( because i bought my first Sub with paypal on 04 Feb ) so they removed the restrictions on 1 of my accounts and it worked fine.

i copy paste the fix in my 2nd account ticket and told them to apply it , and none of the GMs can even understand what i meant, they keep asking me to relog, reset UI, create another character etc … the issue is getting out of context and everytime they give me 24h gametime without fixing the “Internal Auction Error” XD
they suspected am exploiting it to get free gametime …

every time i receive the same copy paste 30 line model reply with 0 fix , out of context, bla bla bla ,
even though i told them what the issue is, how to fix it, and what GM discovered it, completely clueless and unable to manage
a youtube video is coming out to make this EXHAUSTING experience public, so funny

So there is an INTERNAL auction house error, you say? While trying to get a token? And you have 3 separate accounts? And 2 of them have the issue? So you can only play with 1 account at the moment? And because this temporary problem occurred, it has to be the world first problem now?
But you say that you took accounts of 2 friends to see if it works for them… maybe they are unINTERNAL accounts, yeah? :rofl:
You know it’s against ToS, riiiiiight? kekw

another boring, selfish , mocking community comment
you clearly cannot read, just flapping gums
1 of 2 my friend’s accounts also got an Error

to me it is a big problem, having multiple accounts with different character set to be able to play in guilds and friends , but not being able to buy subscription with ingame feature few hours before subscription ends IS A PROBLEM
not to mention time wasted on this ( resetting UI, installing everything from scratch etc ) , and time spent on my characters , lack of payment methods and IRL schedule that you have to deal with
all of that thrown into the sea because of some “Internal Auction Error”

this is aganst tos/eula :sunglasses:

the only thing you can do is to open a ticket about it and have blizzard looking into it.
i dont know if this has something to do with the issue that happend with last patch where there was an error with wow tokens only grant game time but it does sound similar according to your explanation but i hope you get it resolved :sunglasses:

This is entirely possibly going to get both you AND your friends banned, I am afraid. Sharing accounts is strictly forbidden in all circumstances.

Hopefully you will just get off with a warning, but yeah. You’re not allowed to do that.

thank you both for reply, i kept trying with no solution
both accounts expired with gold stuck in there
i opened tickets and i hope they provide a solution, tbh i don’t think it will happen because they will lure me to pay real money rather than fix the issue from their part, but tin hope is there

about account sharing i had no idea it was against TOS, so yeah never again

They made some changes in November last year. This may be the issue with your token purchases.

this has been a choking long journey
for 5 days i kept contact with different GMs and it was a SUPER choking and exhausting experience

they are not able to read 2 lines of simple english describing the issue, its insane
i don’t know if its illegal to post all my interaction with GMs here
its unbelievable how bad they are , you will be choked to see this

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