Is campaign locked behind rep grind?

It says I need 13 rep on dragonscale expedition?Is this a bug or a joke? Why can’t I see the story?

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Parts of the campaign is reputation gated until you’ve done them once, yes. Personally I need to get to 21 with Dragonscale for the next bit, so I’m really regretting not grinding from the start. Lesson learned :frowning:

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that is nonsense


WoW has a story?

the campaign is most likely timegated. I max rep and still cannot do the next chapter. stuck on 4/7. This is happening on NA as well. So yeah, again the stupid time gated blizzard

there is a bug that prevents you from doing the campaign chapter for the new dragon mount. so at least chapter 5 is bugged. idk about 6 and 7


Glad it`s a bug and not tied to Rep :smiley:

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You’re right. It’s actually 24. My bad.

Its a bug, for me it says 13 Required for "Dragonscale Expedition" thats only relating to that, Mrgm said in the above tweet Blizz say`s it s a bug, not tied to any rep

Yes. You need 24 with Dragonscale Expedition, 19 with Valdrakken Accord, and 11 with Iskaar Tuskarr to complete all the campaign.

Chapters 4 and 5 of the questline will arrive next week, and that will include the Slitherdrake mount.

We also have some updates to in-game text that should clarify this coming soon.


We already have Chapter 4 and on the roadmap it said we will be receiving Chapter 5 / the slitherdrake mount on the launch of the patch. Why is this suddenly changing?

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Really, it’s time gated again.

Yes. I have still not unlocked the last part of the launch campaign for this reason. It really sucks, but I got fed up with world quests before I got to Dragonscale level 24. I also don’t do dungeons, so no rep boost from those quests either.

I’ll get it done eventually, but it feels really bad that the storyline is locked behind repetative tasks and therefore end up untouched for months in my case. I really enjoy story, but when I have done things one to many times, I tend to not touch it again for ages.

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Fcking joke, i wish i could delay / postpone my payment with no repercussion a whole week as well.

Everything is always time gated

and they dare call this a “major” expansion gtfo


I did some looking and the only quests you need to do to access the new quest line are on the forbidden reach or whatever it’s called. The recently released island. There are some quests thst lead you to the right hemisphere of the island… finishing that will open up the new area

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