Is Dark Ranger RP still a thing?

Hello y’all! Apologies in advance if there has already been a topic about this.

I’m basically wondering if Dark Ranger RP is still a thing? Is there any of you that RP as a Dark Ranger? Since they essentially were Sylvanas’ elite spies, rangers and scouts, what do they do now that Sylvanas is in the Shadowlands? Bring me all the answers!

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I’ve seen two of them during a recent server-wide campaign.

Can’t give you any info from the aspect of playing one myself, but for the last half of your question - we know there’s some that remained loyal to Sylvanas (as we see in the pre-SL novel), although many of those seem to have died (again) at this point, and there’s a significant amount that work for the Horde, still, according to Dark Ranger Velonara.

We dark rangers were fiercely loyal to Sylvanas. We trusted her... followed her commands.
It is clear that our loyalty was never truly reciprocated.
Some of my sisters and brothers have chosen to remain at the Dark Lady's side. I, and many others, have not.

There is also the case of the Kaldorei Dark Rangers who are now somehow linked to Calia Menethil, because Sylvanas was mean to them or something…

So with Dark Ranger Velonara(and others) still remaining loyal to the Horde + Delaryn Summonmoon and her Kaldorei Dark Rangers now being “loyal”(or atleast connected with Calia) I see now reason as to not being able to RP one, although you might receive some scrutiny from both sides!

I don’t really have any plans to RP one, I’m currently just hyperfixated on Wrath-lore and I’ve been wondering for a short while how RP’ing as a Dark Ranger works in the current setting.
Thanks for the answer nonetheless! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have been RPing my Dark Ranger for almost 10 years now, started off on a private server before finally making the jump to retail during WoD. Dark Ranger RP has always been a subject of scrutinisation. Mostly because of the edge factor but also because they are rather OP and most people tend to just RP them in an awful manner (trust me I started like that as well).

What I noticed, however, was that the amount of Dark Ranger RPers has actually INCREASED since the departure of Sylvanas. Why? I cannot tell. Probably because now they are the dying legacy of something which gives them a “cool factor”. But most characters I see are just people half-arsing. You know, the type that makes a TRP for a Dark Ranger, barely fill in said TRP, log in maybe for a month and then disappear.

Right now, the environment to RP them is more limited than ever. Most guilds/people will either flat-out ignore you or treat you like dirt (as they usually are). You are either a loyalist, and therefore an enemy of the Horde, or remained part of the Horde, which leaves you in the position of being barely tolerated. I haven’t been able to even get into a guild with my Dark Ranger ever since BfA (at least not a guild I want to be part of without mentioning names here).

So TLDR, there is RP, but it is very very limited.


Are people really that opposed to dark ranger OCs in their guilds? Funnily enough I don’t think we’ve ever had one show interest. We’ve had 2 San’layn applicants this year though, which is definitely a no-go, but we really don’t have a problem with dark rangers and I don’t think most Forsaken guilds do.

I don’t know if this is the case as to some people being opposed to them, but I’d guess it has something to do with bad experiences in the past, such as some executing the concept poorly like Arunaere mentioned. I’ve read on the forum that certain RP concepts can bring small groups of people who stir up OOC drama, but I don’t know if that’s the case either as I mentioned.

We exist. I’ve played this char since WoD and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. But I can only echo what Arunaere’s said.

As far as I’m aware, canonically, they all hang out in Durotar. That is the only place they can be found this expansion. RP-wise, my DR goes to places, sneaks around and kills stuff in the name of the Horde and the Forsaken as she would have done before Sylvanas’ treachery between nights spent brooding in Orgrimmar.

I specifically remember one undead guild, a while back, saying they will not accept Dark Rangers who use the Blood Elf model because they wanted to promote use of the Forsaken model instead. Silly, given the fact the elven Dark Rangers all use elf rigs but hey-ho. It is a thing. On top of that there’s the whole “no one likes them IC” hurdle to get over that can make joining guilds tricky.


Yeah, for certain. The Requiem of Sorrow guild has a Dark Ranger for GM char -and- accepts other Dark Rangers in the guild, belf model or not.

I also enjoy this char I’ve had for a while now, but sadly I do not have the time to rp it actively.


While not a Dark Ranger, I currently Roleplay a fallen Elven Farstrider who became a Death Knight and still has a bow, therefore not without similarities even though different by essence.

Depending on what concept you like for one I imagine there are various guilds which would recruit one. The guild I RP that character in myself, is Grim Gest, which takes Dark Rangers as well regardless of model I believe, though they are among Sylvanas Loyalists if one would like. Requiem of Sorrow as Nirema said take such too, them being Horde Forsaken.


As the self proclaimed best Dark Ranger RPer on the realm (lol), I can safely say there are still plenty of things you can do with a Dark Ranger character. It can be as simple as now following Velonara and the Horde, or staying loyal to Sylvanas as they try to undermine everyone. It’s up to you to decide how much would your Dark Ranger character know about the Shadowlands. They can also seek reaproachment with the Blood Elves, or keep acting as guides to the Forsaken, the latter being harder since the Forsaken are so split right now. There is also the matter of RPing a night elf Dark Ranger which opens some interesting avenues for conflict. Lastly, there is always the Calia angle you could try, but the lack of lore around that ‘character’ might make it a bit more difficult.

Personally, I think the elite spy aspect of them makes them ideal for exploring all the things I’ve mentioned above.

The biggest downside of Dark Ranger RP is by far the social RP side, as they are, for lack of a better term, very edgy. While in combat they have a pretty well defined set of skills they can employ, when the fighting is over the limitations start to creep in. There are work arounds and by no means you should just stay brooding in a corner, but it is for sure harder then most concepts.

Also, we’re recruiting, so all cool Dark Rangers should join us :eyes:


The original dark rangers seem to conceptually have slipped through a few cracks in the writers’ room. I was under the impression all of them were under the Lich King’s thrall until Sylvanas freed them which would make their loyalty to her a no brainer, but then you have Dark Ranger Velonara who specifically says Sylvanas herself raised her into undeath after the Forsaken had formed which seems like a pretty contentious move. Her exact quote:

“But at least I was at peace, I suppose. For a time. Until the Banshee Queen pulled me back from beyond and damned my soul into her service.”

I have not seen any dark rangers in a while, but Sylvanas-loyalist aligned guilds would certainly recruit them.

The Rotgarde and the Grim Gest have been ‘on the run’ since Sylvanas left Orgrimmar, and we’re around 30 people on average. So there’s still plenty of RP to be had, even if your character is on the outskirts of society

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