Is GDKP still legal until next week?

I won’t get banned for selling loot from boosted dungeons, as long as I don’t do it from the 8th February right?

The TOS you are operating under have not (yet) changed. The next time you will be shown the EULA and click accept, you will probably see a GDKP clause in it

Sadly , no.

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so i can get another like 30 gold before then, then.

YaY :smiley:

I don’t know why you wanna take away this passive income from me tho.

I can’t wait to see what useless punishment Blizzard give to people who take part in GDKPs and the ways people will get around it.

Blizzard wrote that there will be a permanent ban for GDKP.

Would you mind quoting the Blizzard post on that please. All I remember is them saying people will be punished.

Not even gold sellers get a permaban.


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The way it’s worded seems like the permaban is for doing it many, many times.

It’s not always that case. If the infraction is big enough (aka very loud in therms of community; or if the investigated player is a huge part of a GDKP group that they suspect); they perma ban with no appeal; it happened “to a friend of mine” not so long ago with another thing that doesen’t involve me ofc.

Passive income? U boost someone, invest ur time and then sell loot/product.
That’s NOT passive income :joy:

No clue what you are on about honestly.

highest i’ve had in SoD so far is 14 gold, then i discovered GDKP this reset that was just now and 7 gold for 1 raid was a lot.

Would be annoying if it disappeared.

A perma ban is too good for GDKP Andys. They should consider themselves lucky to get disappeared to some eastern European black site.

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Yes, yes sure.
I’m just saying that’s not the definition of passive income. That’s active income. You actively put in time and work in order to earn gold…
Waste of time imo but each to their own