Is Scam buster addon against TOS?


I am just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the addon which is being shared in realm discords with data of in game Characters then the discord admins/mods decide if a player should be added to a list which is then shared to the mass to automatically trigger a chat command to spam the chat with Information on this character to disrupt that persons gameplay.

As much as we would love to live in a world where everything is fair i feel some things that are created for the idea of good ends up being used in a bad way.

A lot of players are being added to these lists without any defence and certain discord admins are adding innocent players and acting like they are the police of the Realm deciding who can raid/dungeon and who cant simply.

I seem some discords have a appeal processes to get your name off of it these are the ways that they list and advise what to do. “compensate” “Beg” Which I don’t feel is right I heard that some people actually had to pay to get taken off the list.

I know the list are created outside of the game on a 3rd party social platform but the addon is being used in game, it is currently having a devastating affect.

These are the policy’s for addons and i feel the addon is currently breaching policy 3

  1. AddOns must be free of charge.
  2. AddOn code must be completely visible.
  3. AddOns must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players.
  4. AddOns may not include advertisements.
  5. AddOns may not solicit donations.
  6. AddOns must not contain offensive or objectionable material.
  7. AddOns must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA.
  8. Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable AddOn functionality as it sees fit.

So what are you thoughts?

Addons must be free of charge, however the addon developers can get away with charging for the data the addon uses, as is the case with many levelling addons. Its a loophole.

An addon may be legit, but can still be used for actions that go against the TOS, such as when they are used to flood a player to disrupt their gameplay. This will nearly always result in a ban.

I doubt the addon falls under Blizz’s definition of 3, given their examples.

Looking at the addon’s readme on GitHub, it seems like it only posts to party/raid. That and they’ve offloaded the liability for the name lists to the “Provider addons”

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