Is the Kalimdor cup meant to be an one time thing?

I had panicked a bit, but then I read that by doing the races on alts, one can get all the mogs regardless.

I do hope it comes back though. I wish that even the prepatch events also made it back in a controlled environment.

They could had mad an Among-Us style instanced minigame with the zombie event.

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As the achievement points are actual points and not feats of strength I’m expecting this to be more than a one off.

I don’t get on with dragon riding (gives me motion sickness) so I just did each circuit once as long as I completed I moved on to the next. Took me two chars of full clear and an extra to do the quest to get enough currency to buy everything.

Even if you get gold in every race you still have to do it on multiple characters to buy everything.


Oh bugger, that kind of sucks for those with only 1 character at 70 x.x

You can do the dragon races with level 30 characters which doesn’t take too long if you just want the rewards.


Thankfully I got every class in the game to the level cap.

You can do the races on chars less than 70. I’ve used the races for XP while leveling.

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Didn’t they introduce something for motion sickness during riding?

They have added various things to the game but unfortunately it doesn’t stop me feeling motion sick. Until DR was introduced I never got motion sick in WoW but there are other games I can’t play because of it.

I mostly travel around the world via flight paths at present and kind of glide (gently) to my final destination. Earlier in the expansion I had to team up with friends to clear WQs, they carried me around as a whelp and I just don’t look at the screen.

I love going back to the old world where I an just normal fly without feeling sick. Just wish they’d give us regular flying on the Dragon Isles. I’m at a total disadvantage to Dragon Riders.


To be fair at this point both flight variations should be available to everyone, I suffer motion sickness but I’ve been lucky with the Dragonflying so far.


I’m assuming that with the Eastern Kingdom races that will come with 10.1.7 as well as any future event in other continents even people with one character can get all the cosmetics.

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That’s cool, but I’m sure there are people who just don’t play alts.

I did it all on 1 char, as I just wanted the set, didn’t care about the customizations.

It’s unfortunate man,soon you will be able to choose what riding u want! It sux that u can’t experience one of the best features of DF

I’m just happy to see others enjoy it. Seems to be a big hit.

You just need 2 characters if you want all of them items the vendor sells. First character I did gold on everything and got the set, second character I just did enough to get 100 to buy the dragon customization.

Do you have a source? I haven’t heard of any Eastern Kingdom races coming yet. I haven’t seen anything in any 10.1.7 PTR notes other than a new Challenge Mode for some existing Dragon Isles races.

It honestly shouldn’t be removed. There is just no reason for it. It’s completely harmless. Why?

There’s a Eastern Kingdoms version on the PTR at the moment.

I think it’s going to be a rotational thing. A bit like Timewalking.

The race is scheduled to be on live in october.

So seems to be a bi-monthly event if they continue with that trend.
I’m curious if they’ll do the expansion areas too.

Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, AU Draenor, Broken Isles, Kul Tiras & Zandalar and the Shadowlands.
Some don’t have that many zones, but if they combine it a bit, they could make it 6 bundles and have a year’s worth of events on a rotation.

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