Is this really what you want the game to be like?

People with over 2.2k arena exp are stuck on 1.4k with 600+ games, most of them already quit because pvp is a joke.

And rest are tryharding on our 200 ilevel characters, trying to get some rating to upgrade our gear while getting globaled by 220+ players who are runing around with gladiator mounts on 1.5k rating??

Arena boosting sites are full in alerts of delayed services because of too much boosting demand and what you do? Absolutely nothing.

M+ is majority of your player base and what you do is first you force us to do raids because we don’t deserve same ilevel gear even as heroic raid, then you force us into this arena sh1t show which is our only chance to get guaranteed upgrades.

Give us the damn PVE vendor and M+ vendor so all those people who are buying boosts won’t have to rely on PVP gear anymore.

And stop forcing players to do something they don’t wanna do or you will soon have no players (like it was in BFA).

Until you fix your game, im out.



I guess it’s a good time to remind people that titles like this are against forum guidelines

Those are alts of Glad players. You see them all the time in zero cr games.

Go to lfg, you will see HOTA / GLAD daily win. They play on zero CR with their alts and steamroll undergeared / unskilled players. Just to get their daily conquest on alts.


Thanks, changed it.


I was kind of ok with loot being “rare” but doing a +10 and getting only 6ilvls higher than a world quest or covenant drop is a bit of a joke if I’m honest.


Show me some people that meet this criteria please.
Not that EXP is a pure and absolute proof of skill.
For example plenty of people got high rating last season with broken corruptions on specs such as Fire and Destro, that previously couldn’t peak 1750.

I agree that PVE should get vendors but that’s all you had to say.

Thats what they do in RBGs, I was in such group few times and mmr was well above 2.1k. That doesn’t really have as big impact on other players as arenas do.

I guess thats not really withn the TOS of this forum. Try playing pvp though group finder, theres plenty of them.

It is not absolute proof of skill, but if you have achieved 2.2k+ rating means that you got some understanding of the game. I guess you didn’t get the hint/point of what i was saying.

Arenas are harder on 1.5 - 1.8k than they are on 1.9k and that is because of the fact that its filled with r1/glad boosters.

well i dont know. people are already overgeared from m+ and just blasting through hc raid. and raiders like myself have no change to join a pug group because of ilvl. i did some m+ at the start and got bored quickly.

but now that i´m not doing it im waaaay behind others and as we know people look for high ilvl players.

the only upgrades i get are from hc raid and now its even harder just to join it just because of m+

Pvp is really at. Bad state

What raid gear? You mean the near 20% chance for clearing the full thing, not getting anything at all while your vault reward is much much worse? If you’re raiding for gear, you’re basically wasting your time, unless specifically doing a guild run that eventually results in loots being traded to you.

They said there’s going to be a thing like that, in 9.1. Or some kind of improvement i guess. We gotta wait and see.

Citation needed. Unless you mean people doing +2 keys, which I guess is technically M+ but not really.

I rarely write down in the forums but on this one just can’t miss it. Drop rate in Mythic or even Mythic plus it’s joke…Have done few mythic plus with my tank and in those few mythic plus I have get 1 item…healer 0 items…The hell is this…people who have make riot in Usa have get more items than us.

The fact is that, given the loot draught, pvp is now the only reliable way to gear up. Honestly the pvp vendor (removing it in previous expansion was insane) and the possibility to upgrade pvp gear is one of the best feature of this expac.

However, they should have added the same possibility for pve gear imho: make m+ and raid bosses drop a token, to be used to buy and upgrade gear for pve.

Once you are ilvl 200 you hit a wall: raid bosses and m+ drops are very scarce, so you are forced willingly or not, to pvp. And it is very common to run into people at 1200 cr with full elite pvp gear, making the experience very unpleasant.

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this happens when you force hardcore pvers into easy mode aka pvp :slight_smile:

“casual” pvpers are getting obliterated :0

better luck next season if pve badges/VP comes back to game and drops inraids/m+ are returned to normal itlv and drop ratio :slight_smile:

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im sure that people would rather farm +2 for badges then arenas :slight_smile:

You’re talking absolute rubbish here. HOW can people be overgeared when m+ at its highest level (which is arguably way more difficult than heroic raid) drops below heroic ilvl? Only way is from PVP

did you ever consider that maybe those players aren’t actually 2.2k players and instead a product of some old fotm meta where their class was S+ tier?

no actual duelist would be hardstuck in combatant with 600 games unless they are trolling or intentionally playing on low MMR to farm honor.

Bye then, thanks for letting me know,

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Just go to arena LFG and open your eyes… It’s FILLED with people stuck at 1.4 to 1.6 claiming they have 2k+ XP.
Low CR brackets are filled to the rim with boosters. A few smurfs also but there will always be smurfs.
If PvE loot wasn’t so broken we wouldn’t have all this arena boosting.