Is WoW the loneliest game in the world?


Dont think Im making a “poor me” post here, cause I actually have a life outside WoW. I just like to play the game. I know what people are like and capable of when in a virtual scenario, but I think Blizzard is doing a piss poor job with their expansions to make the WoW community work together to accomplish goals. Year after year its storylines, graphics, trying to get us emotionally attached to fictional in-game characters and constant grinding on the the same questline, dungeons and raid routines.
There is no show of innovation.
World of Warcraft used to be the biggest online game in the world. Are they losing ground on account that they are losing touch with the people?
Battle for Azeroth is not starting out well for me. If every WoW expansion is doing the same grinding over again as every expansion then Im out. At least as an active player. I have ideas about how to make this game great again, but the build-up or whatever in different colors and moods doesnt tickle my fancy.
Last but not least: When I get to 120 I hope youll give me my money back if Im still not happy. :wink:
Just joking! I know there are no refunds in Azeroth. :slight_smile:Preformatted text

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Just bring back Jeff Kaplan and games subs will skyrocket.

its a beneficial offer for everyone


The problem is for every expansion were doing the same stuff over again. And also there are quite a lot of potential gamers trying out but ending up alone and leaving again. A game such as this with years of potential needs to be including. Its not making money on elites. Its making money on the ins and outs. PvP practically died out in this game on account of to many pros or as others would call them “cheating russians”. We need to make scenarios, questing and war games that include new players whitout them being underdogs or feeling excluded. Or else they will buy other games.

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