It is time, #soloqueue / #soloQ ( rated skirmishes ) / PvP changes? | 9.1.5

It is time, to finally add the long awaited soloqueue version of the 2v2 / 3v3 / rbg brackets

(rated skirmishes), with categorized partymember

The long awaited soloqueue is the last hope of the arena, it enables around 40% of the PvP-playerbase to come back and play tho their spec isn't ''meta''

The existence of soloqueue is the defusal of meta, the dampening of s-tier combinations, giving us a chance to play instead of forcing us to start over a new character or quit.

This is so useless and pointless that blizzard might actually introduce it.


Sounds more like a wishlist.


A leaked list

Some of the stuff seems to correlate here. I didn’t read it entirely yet!

EDIT: So we can freely change covenants and covenant stuff is less annoying on alts. Good! No mentions of pvp stuff though… yet


Lower item-level PvP gear will now scale to a higher item-level in PvP situations than before. This should reduce the power level gap so that new characters can feel that they’re able to compete in Battlegrounds and Arenas more readily. This change will not affect high item-level PvP gear.

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I hope they don’t mess up that one !!

Source: trust me bro.

Wtf looks like they feel unsubs. This acctuly first time from i dont know how long time meaks me think that game can be better. Hope they don’t buff warr and ret.

Tbf, source is wow page. Link is above.

Sounds good most of it.

wow they actually did something relevant :open_mouth: I hope it won’t be another bait :tired_face:
Keep unsubbing guys, it is actually working.

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People don’t want the gear differences between combatant and duellist. This unfortunately won’t be changed.

We also wanted a reduction in the honor gear ranks. They’ve instead just made the gear stronger.

Yet again making changes for the sake of it but not actually listening to the fans.

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maybe nerf duellist’s then or fix stamina in arena

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Will something be done about sub rogues finally? There’s literally no point playing anything else for pvp now.

sub rogues are actually really easy now, not like when sl started, its all about assasination now

How is it easy when anybody without trinket is guaranteed to die in next stun (even DR stun)?

Already sounds like they did. The ilevel gap reduction in pvp is nice, but the problem with getting the said gear still persists. You still need to win hundreds of games in arena to get the conquest cap

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they dont have the damage for that anymore

if you safe your trinket for when he bursts via ‘‘shadowblades’’ your fine

i saw alot of pro rogues who can it make look like your about to get shreddet tho nothing really happens, to get your cds / trinket out

Yeah nice one.

No, I die. Tried that, even posted on forums about that.
I won’t survive neither full-stun no-cd opener nor DR-stun cd opener, so only healer can save me a bit really, but also only once or twice (and if they keep resetting there is no way to win).

There must be something a havoc can do while stunned (save that), also you can prevent either opener or restealth as a demonhunter

if he shreddet you with only his basic rotation he must have outgeared you hard, you could try to get more vers in