Just a question regarding what can and can't be "boosted"


I have been wondering what is Blizzard’s policy for boosting an entire guild (as in multiple players transferring server to join that guild, boosting said guild, then gquit once the boost is done) in Mythic Sepulcher on Alliance, before the Hall of Fame is even completed. Does this constitute as cheating as they’re boosting guild ranking for the Hall of Fame title?

It does seems to infringe upon the fact that they are operating across multiple realms. For the current policy refer to:

it seems so. How would I go to reporting this to a GM or to CS? I have reasonable suspicion of an incident like that I would like to report.

Really the only way to report them is ingame using rightclick which wouldn’t work for this.

I would suggest emailing hacks@blizzard.com explaining exactly what you think they’re doing. I’m not sure if any punishment can be done from there, but it’s certainly something they can investigate. I don’t think you’ll get a response from them, but they do investigate everything.

Hi Darknii,
Ananda is correct. If you come across a form of cheating that cannot be adequately covered through the in-game cheat report option, send a mail with full details and supporting evidence to hacks@blizzard.com and that will be reviewed