Karazhan chess event loot bug

I think you’v miss-typed and was intending to write “1 or 2 years”.
Cuz, it is still bugged, and this “still” is definitely more then 1-2 or even 3-4 monthes (just lots of ppls noticed that bug long ago but simply didn’t reported on forums due to lazyness and/or “hope of soonish-fixation-of-it”) …

Does community still can hope to see official explanation on this case?..

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I’m sure i did loot this on my pally or warrior 1-2months ago, i could loot chest so i was surprised, but every other time i went there for my Despair mog doing full raid ofc i couldn’t loot it. Maybe there is 1 tactic which works as intended, and we all are following guides which let you win, but game is not considering this win.

I just did a try, i can confirm that it’s still bugged :frowning:

Still bugged unfortunately.

And yes, still bugged.

Except bumping with “still bugged” - I just want, also add bit more details to the problem(s) description here.

For the very starters, it is pretty easy to find reports (which are atleast 2.5 years old) regarding the another bug with Chess event, by googling “wow karazhan game in session debuff”.
Definitely worth of mentioning - situation with that bug also didn’t changed for years, you still are forced to talk with “Echo of Medivh” before leaving the Chess room because of " Game In Session" buff. Which does not disappears from your char automatically (after event is winned or lost, immediately or by a few time passed) as it MUST.
Dear blizzard devs - do you really considering that as “normal, working as intended”? Let’s hope, you do not…

Still bugged! Its a bit sad… my last piece of equipment for set and achievement is from this boss. I’m so frustrated right now.

Hello everyone!

We are aware of the issue and are actively working on fixing it. Apologies for any frustration this may be causing you.

Yea fixing… almost year passed since this bug came up with legacy loot introduction

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2019 Oktober still bugged

11 days passed since the last (and first lol) blue-post regarding this problem and it is still presented.
I definitely don’t want to be toxic, but - c’mon guys, you still “actively working on fixing it”, o’rly?
Full implementation of Molten Core took like a week before vanilla launch, google/youtube that fact.
And fixing one pesky encounter reward tooks that much time?..

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Still bugged. Just wasted like 30min of my life. I only go inside Karazhan to get the shield from the chess event.

will be fixed soon tm - not. would be nice to see anybody work here for that event :wink: wasted 3 hours of my life because that event is completely bugged when leaving the vehicle. gj


I can certainly understand the frustration with this one with how long it’s gone on.
We appreciate all the reports and updates, topics like this as well as the bug reports and tickets sent in too. These are all something that the team use to measure impact of a bug or game issue.

Some issues are not hotfixable and require a Patch to resolve them though.
This one is definitely on the WoW teams radar and something they are working to fix as soon as they can.

I’m still hoping to get the leather shoulders… maybe next time I clear Karazhan :smiley:

a skip for this boss would also be a welcome addition.
very annoying to solo, when the fight is so random.

Considering that for example Zul’Gurub mount exploits were never fixed when Blizzard had knowledge of it. They said they were fixing it but in the end only thing actually removing it was entirely removing the old raid and changing it with the Cataclysm version. I seriosly hope the Karazhan Chess chest aint the same kind of bug as this has been seriosly going long. Ever since the lootsystem was changed.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Karazhan
    • Chess Event
      • Players once again are always rewarded with loot after defeating this encounter.
      • The encounter no longer sometimes incorrectly resets after players defeat it.

From: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23164374


Still bugged, now I cannot control other pieces, just Blackhand.
So “funny”, after 15 years, still so bugged this fight.

Working fine for me now.

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