Kick the stupid dancing Trolls out of Darkshore

Im tired of them.
In Classic they were a peacefull dancing troll village, then suddenly they started planning on attacking the Night Elves, so Garrosh recruited them to the Horde in Cata, after that, we stomp them to the ground and wiped them out.
In BFA they come back (dont ask me how), allied with the Horde, and this time trying to wipe us out of Darshore. We kick the Horde out of Darkshore, along with the Shatterspear.
Or so we thought, because in the book Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor, we learn that the Shatterspear are still alive and came crawling back to Darkshore like the vermin they are.
I say kick them out, they were planely aggresive to the Kaldorei two times now and even supported the horde in the Fourth War, they don’t deserve to live in Darkshore any longer, make their vale and territory a new home for our Guilnean and Furbolg friends and send them in a crate to Durotar to live with their Darkspear cousins or wipe them out, and this time for good!

We want Darkshore and Ashenvale cleansed from Horde filth!
Justice for the Kaldorei!

Triggered night elf snowflake who is xenophobic against trolls.


Triggered “Hordie” snowflake who is xenophobic against the Alliance??^^


Deal, can i throw them into the void?

Trolls did nothing wrong. You occupy their land so they kill you. Easy enough logic yes?

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Alliance is my enemy and I will never stop fighting them.

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We shared Darkshore peacefully with the Shatterspear, then they pledged their loyalty to the Horde and attacked us, they were the ones who choose aggression.
Case closed.

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Is that what you tell yourself every time you genocide another race from the surface of Azeroth? Pathetic.

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Lol, somehow i doubt there is going to be much of an update to Darkshore, in the next 10 ears, unless the Night Elves are geting beaten up again.

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It seems we need to have a 3rd siege of Orgrimmar, this weakling is still talking.

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Simply noting the zone update habbits of Blizzard. Unless there is some sort of a major story beat, which usually implies fighting a major enemy, you’re not getting a zone update.

Also I’d be more than happy to see Orgrimmar reduced to cinders, if it meant putting proper focus on other Horde strongholds held by other races and half the aliance cast getting axed permanently, because they abruptly decided to worship satan, for no discernable reason.

The Shatterspear tribe split off from the Gurubashi Empire after the defeat of Hakkar the Soulflayer The various tribes claimed territories in the vast jungles of Stranglethorn Vale but quickly began fighting one another.
The Shatterspear tribe eventually settled at the northeast edge of Darkshore Highly reclusive and apparently uninterested in claiming further territory, the Shatterspear trolls established a small village in Shatterspear Vale, which is almost entirely surrounded by jagged hills. The trolls’ purpose in living in the vale is unknown at this point in time. It is a strange location for any troll to choose to live: surrounded by mountains and, beyond that, night elves (the trolls’ ancient enemies).The Shatterspear trolls settled here because they chose peace instead of war.

The night elves knew that the Shatterspear lived in their territory, but as long as the trolls were not hostile, they were apparently quite content to leave them and Shatterspear Vale in peace- Wowpedia

Stop denying facts, the Shatterspear lived in peace with the Night elves until they decided to join the Horde and attack them, they started conflict, not us.


We are getting a new World Tree, so don’t talk too soon.

The entire south of the continent was ruled by the Gurubashi. We need it back. Troll supremacy ftw.

We don’t care about the south, you can have Silithus and that wretched desert, we want the North along with Stonetalon.
And we want the Horde wiped out from our lands, there are two warsong lumber camps along with 4 horde bases in Ashenvale.

There are 2 Horde bases in Ashenvale. None in Winterspring or Darkshore. Also Stonetalon and Feralas aren’t your to claim. The presence of Ogres and Tauren there is much larger. Even the Grimtotem have a better claim then you and they originate in Thousand needles.

Just like Silvermoon and Exodar have been repaired for like 10 years by now or how the dwarven prince has been a toddler for the past 2 decades?

We had outposts and villages all over Stonetalon, one of the most notable was Thal’darah Grove, a school for druid children, until you blown it up with a bomb.
But we still have around 4 bases in there, so no, it isn’t yours for the taking.

Let’s see…
Zoram’Gar Outpost, Hellscream’s Watch, Splintertree Post, Warsong Lumber Camp.
What were you saying?

Shatterspear Vale.

Silvermoon is a ruin because Bob is an idiot.

Grimtotem and Mistwalker have been in those lands for ages. It is not your right to kick them out. Imperialistic scum. You are no better then Azshara and her Highborne whose tyranny once spanned all of Kalimdor.