Kt threat wipe

Are you sure it is a bug? Unlike the Kael threat wipe it’s not listed in the known issues, and you would think it would be by now if it was indeed a bug.

You sure its a bug? I have killed here twice, had like 20 pulls on her and never really seen that, are you talking about the shooting when the mt is cced?

threat table literally gets reset during random moments of the last phase no cc or whatever

You know, I joined TBCC partly because I finally wanted to get a genuine TBC raid experience, without all the bugs and weird AI behavior commonly seen on private servers. Or that, if bugs arose, they would be quickly fixed by people who’re paid for this job rather than having to wait for days and weeks to end because the devs are just part-timers doing their stuff for free.

I guess I was just engaging in wishful thinking, after all.

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To be fair, originally t5 was even worse, did you forget how world firszt kill of vash happened? Its kinda rumored as the most buggest tier ever

We’ve been working on this for several weeks, and it turned out to be a particularly tricky bug, but we’re closing in on a fix.

Once we have the hotfix thoroughly tested, it will likely require realm restarts. And we’ll note it in our hotfixes update thereafter.

We’re almost there.


So we’re just playing the beta version of T5 then


Look, TBC has only been out since Jan 16th 2007, you can’t expect encounters to be bug-free that shortly after release.
… Wait…


I hope one day Blizzard reaches the level of quality that private servers have managed to achieve.

Sadly though, this will not happen, since Blizzard apparently has less resources to do their job than a typical private server.


Not your fault, all your people were busy turning women into fruit


Hard to blame them when all they have to do to make profit is put an ugly store mount and a paid cheat button (level boost) in the game.

Thanks for replying to this topic at least!

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I, for one at least appreciate a response & acknowledgment.
Although it’s understandable that lack of any so far has made the community really hostile toward Blizzard, it really wouldn’t hurt for CS & CM to re-establish communication with the player base and restore a bit of goodwill.

Hope to see more blue posts in the future.

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To be fair, originally T5 was released at the beginning of the game, right alongside T4. By now, back then, we would be at patch 2.1, where most of these bugs had been resolved already - and that was during a period of constant tweaks and changes everywhere, not just in T5 content but also T4 and elsewhere (see 2.0.10 for example). That was a period where even classes and specs required constant work from developers. How can you even compare the two situations?

And yet most pirate server players I know claim some aspects such as NPC scripting on pirate servers are complete garbage compared to Blizzard servers. :thinking:

So, dont please forget that t4 solo release was on demand of players.
At this point we still wouldnt have 2.1 we are missing like 1 or 2 weeks so in terms of fixes, its pretty much blizzlike

I don’t see how that matters here. If anything, that gave Blizzard ample time to fix bugs and such.

Considering this bug has been known for over a month, that’s hardly excusable. Again, I’ve seen pservers with faster bug fixes than that.

What’s the point of weeks of PTR if raids still end up being released with such gamebreaking bugs?

Was it really?

Well, point of ptr is to fix bugs, which they fixed alot, just not all.

Yeah pservers wete in alot of things way better than blizz (bots) but in terms of bugs i think you have pink goggles on in this case.

Yes, they announced t4 and t5 to be released at the same time, but community wanted good pvp s1 so they demanded seperate release and blizz listened