Last wish - Nightborne customization

It’s sad to see someone come into this thread to try and make it about them and their needs, all in a very distasteful manner as well might I add.

That aside, I hope the Nightborne will get more stuff in the future! Still crossing my fingers for fel tattoos, and being able to choose opacity for said tattoos so they become more visible.



For all we know it could be a Horde trying to make the alliance look bad. It’s only a level 10 Alt after all. Most likely trolling but who knows

Allied race mains need to stick together and defend each other. Not bring each other down. You already have some of the core race players telling you are “second class” citizens and don’t deserve anything. Jealous people will be jealous. :woman_shrugging:


What I don’t understand is that people get so riled up about allied races getting customization options, and resorting to name-calling and labeling people as “second class citizens” like you mentioned, just because they play an allied race. It just seems very bitter and immature, and quite frankly, like they need to go outside more.


If anyone is interested, here is a new spot for us to better organize → discord gg KmuGR3QMaM


Hello everyone!

In this thread there has been passionate feedback for Nightborne to have the hand glow effect that is seen on some Nightborne NPCs. We loved the idea after reading your feedback and have been looking into the feasibility of bringing that option to Nightborne character customization. The hand glow effect is a bit more involved and has taken some finessing to figure out due to its unique nature, but we’ve gotten a good grasp on it. In this week’s PTR build, we’ll be bringing a version of this as a new customization option to Nightborne females for testing, with the male hand glow coming in a later PTR build.

The glow effect is a unique customization option and a work in progress, please let us know what you think after testing out the new option on your Nightborne. :blush:


Please, someone wake me up, it feels like a dream.

Thank you!


Linxy is the best. :heart:

Excited to see how it looks



Throws water at Luna :sweat_drops:



Great !

:clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face:


OH GOD OH GOD! I can’t stop screaming! Thank you, Blizzard! Thank you, Linxy! Thank you so much! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Let me help you.

Casts a huge Ice Block at Lunaera’s face

There, you see? You’re not dreaming! :hugs:


Based, can we have the NB glaive back now? It was removed from the PTR vendor wordlessly and many of us were looking forward to it.

Also glowing mana hair the NPCs have maybe?


Woohoooo, thanks!!!

(We did it!!!)


No way no way NO WAY.
This is so cool. Thank you for the work you’re doing, truly. :blue_heart:
Could I recommend something? The ability to choose opacity for tattoos, so they can be brighter and more visible. Fel tattoos too would be super cool for those of us with Nightborne Warlock! And perhaps arcane strands in their hair? Some eye colour options too would be amazing!
And PLEASE make the other Nightborne set with the red/gold colours available! :weary: It would go perfectly with the Golden jewelry that the Nightborne players can choose now!

Also, unrelated to Nightborne, but I’ve wished for Dark Ranger skins/eyes since, well, forever really. If that is something that could be added, that would be amazing. The skin is already in-game, but perhaps a few different ones could be added, too? Like different shades of red, some eyes with and without pupils, and perhaps some different skins with scars and markings similar to Sylvanas’ tears.


The best news for me is that Blizzard is still paying attention to the requests of players.
And this means that eventually we will get other highly anticipated things for nightborne (like hair glow, tattoo opacity, eye colors, etc.) and other races too.
I mean, it’s okay if it’s not released right away. Some features require additional time due to possible technical issues. But it’s enough for me just to know that the developers liked the idea and they are looking for a way to implement it in the game.


Nightborne Glaive was a godsent; finally allows for immersive Nightborne warriors. Please return it; perhaps consider adding a “hilt shield” like spellblade Aluriel’s lil’ disc.


The more options the better. I support this.

Plus it would give Blood elves that “oomph”


Please please please put the glaive back!


Customizations arent done tho. So i doubt the hair options will be the only thing they get.

A blue even commented on another thread saying they love the Void elf hairstyle options that was submitted. Just keep suggesting stuff on that thead, im sure it will come eventually. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: