Last wish - Nightborne customization

That Black hair is going to look amazing on my Blue skin warlock. Really cool options!

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purple eyes to Nightbone and coal black hair :stuck_out_tongue:


So far, from what I know, they have added

-face scars
-new faces with slanted eyes.
-face/chin/neck metal thingys.
-4 hair styles for both.
-skin colours
-tattoos with arcane and non arcane ones like Nightfallen ones.
-2 new hair colours
-Hair crowns seems to be toggable and there are about 3 versions of it.
-3 colours for the jewelry.



no nail polich
no lipstick
no new eye colors

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I know you are a Nightborne fan, but understand this- not everyone ought to know a random male/female Nightnorne joke. Do you know Tauren or Mechagnome jokes?


She already pointed this out earlier in the thread, only 5 posts above the one you corrected her in.

Yes but you called me a turnip because, according to you, in a magical way, I should have known.
And even if someone said it somewhere in the thread, do you expect I’d remember 900+ replies (that most I haven’t even looked at)?


No, because the context of the joke was already pointed out and you ignored it

Yeah,I edited my answer above, let me repeat:

And that is not a reason to insult someone- learn to be descent and speak the way you would like others to speak to you.

You’re getting awfully worked up about being called a turnip

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the nightborne /joke /flirt /dance are the best once in game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not at all. I really don’t give a damn. I just find your lack of arguements and your decision to call me a turnip a bit…reply-worthy.

The real reason I even engaged in this conversation is because I made one (1) comment in which I directly asked the Blizzard employee about a customizations matter, and while this thread is entirely hijacked by the Void Elves, Lunaera accused my single comment of derailing the thread along with those of the Void Elves.

And to this very moment, instead of answering my large comment with arguements above, she just resorted to liking your “turnip” comment.

pop off honey

Dude… chill

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Drama show comeing up time to grab some :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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I wish; that I too … was a turnip…

Alas … I am not easily rooted…


These comments “derail” the thread more than my (single) direct request at the Blizzard employee. That being said, I propose that we put a stop to this Nightborne /silly conversation.

I got to say! Really nice to see the initiative! Looking forward too more!

And indeed, mhh … while we have you here: any chance to get a bit more and/or more granular options for Dark irons 🤌? A la what the normal dwarfs have?

Indeed, tbh; hopefully this will be ongoing initiative for all races! But never hurts to ask for ones favo, right?:smirk:🤌:fire:


I am not mad, I hold nothing against @Lunaera or @Garth. I just try to defend my positions, and it is my right to do so. If that makes me mad and toxic, then I do not know what to say.

I admit that the whole conversation that concerned the Nightborne joke was unecessary, but I do not think I was the one aggressive here. If you think I sounded aggressive, then I apologize.


Oh, my! It is black! It is brown! It is whit… Oh, it’s silver. Well, I guess that’s as far as your creative department is willing to move that slider towards white. I’ll take it and I’ll like it. Really love the responsiveness Blizzard showed with this patch. Thank you for your rapid involvement, Linxy, you beautiful cupcake.