Learn from OVERWATCH 2 how to balance the game

I’m not playing their mmo.

They have a new very fun game mode. I don’t really give a damn about the genre as long as it’s fun

it’s their first game mode in like 2 years i think, all the other events were basically expensive battle passes

Please no. This has severe consequences.

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Like what? Bots? Who cares.

Overall quality of the game decreases, bot influx which generates more annoyance towards gold selling (Prime example is the brutosaur thread going on currently), more prominent cash shop, possible ads like Runescape 3…

None of that is true. They can just make it f2p and add a battle pass for every season to get stuff like flightstones/conquest, etc.

Not yet, it ain’t F2P currently.

Overwatch balancing is kinda like watching a man with his right leg shorter than the other cutting off the rest while screaming at the nurse “I’M BALANCED!”

Next lvl troll thread :slight_smile:

if they balance wow like they do with OW2,
you would only have PVP queue button left ingame

Look I just… forget about OW 2 folks.

It’s killed the game.

They promised a single player experience but pissed off their most senior developers in the process, created an unattainable goal, set the game on halt, increased the prices, deleted the old and much beloved game, decided to sell some of what they cancelled at higher prices, ruined the reputation of the franchise, had a toxic workplace culture to the point where the government got involved, closed the e-sports at the cost of up to half a billion dollars, destroyed the game’s balance, built upon the legacy of Titan which was in development hell for 6 years, finally got cut down to Overwatch, then went straight back into development hell and underdelivered again.

It is CATASTROPHIC. Almost any game studio would’ve gone out of business pulling something like this, but Blizzard gets away with it largely because of… us. The WoW players. We pay Blizzard so much money it’s surreal.

When I say nothing should be learned from Overwatch 2 I mean it.

Just a heads up, masking swearing is the same as swearing. It’s against the forum rules.

You might want to edit your post.

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This is an MMO. This is not a FPS. Its much harder to balance.

I didn’t read that in the Terms of Use or in the Player forum. Besides it, you can fix it u are a mod, don’t tell me the rules please I know better than u, the only reason u are a mod am not is BCS u know somebody at Blizzard Activision who brought u here.

I’m an MVP not a Moderator.

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It looks like its all going the opposite way so far.

Appears with the impending Microsoft takeover, “Microsoft” Blizzard will be attempting to expand the playerbase through Steam which I applaud. Though this should also come with content updates and other, actual meaningful changes.

Has HOTS vibes, I really liked that MOBA too even :confused:

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Never been balanced since vanilla!

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We dont want balance they need to remove the MMR CAP and gives the 3k players and incentive to play at that rating gold titles transmogg you name it. i should not be queuing in to rank 1s and multi glads at 1.8 -1.9k cr that is for sure

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