LF a laidback guild

Hello, I’m looking for a new home for Shadowlands and beyond. I’m a late-20s brit looking for a small guild that makes an effort to include new members with plenty of banter and good times. I am open to changing servers and factions as long as we can play together a bit first and see if we’re a good match. Ideally folks need to be able to take a joke and have a thick skin but have the maturity to respect other peoples’ limits.

Here’s the info you need me about in game, but please understand first and foremost I’m looking for a new community to be a part of rather than just another body to raid with.
I’m currently playing a Horde druid, not really maining any one spec currently and am open to play whatever is needed however my covenant’s a bit crap for DPS. I’m looking to do all forms of content, free on the weekends but during the week the earliest I can be on is 19:00 server time.

Please do post if you think I’d be a good fit and leave your Btag or Discord or I can try to get in touch with you in game, whatever works.
Thanks for reading!


Hey there, we’re a new small guild on Draenor and we would love to have you! We are currently helping our guildies with levelling and hoping to arrange doing m+ at somepoint since some of our guildies are either new or returning players.
Here is some information about us, feel free to read our post and get in touch! :smiley:

Post below about us. We raid weekends, but in the day time, as a fair few of us don’t want the rush home from work thing any more :slight_smile:

Battle tags and discords are all in the post, let me know if you want a chat :slight_smile:

Hi mate,

Messege me on discord or Battlenet and we can see if the guild would be what your looking for! :grin:

Battlenet - manxofxarb#2624
Discord - manxofxarb#2551

Hi Jusahka,

I think our alliance guild on Eonar could be a good match.
I like your approach to get to find out whether there’s a match or not at least and our raid times fit well with your weekly availability as well.

Please have a look at our forum thread: [A][Eonar] BEAST welcomes (in)experienced players for more fun together

Hope to hear from you! And ofcourse you can reach out to me for any questions you may have about BEAST.

Hey mate

Our group is a small, close community. We are mostly all based in the UK (except for couple of people) we are all 30+ and like to have a laugh while grouping up for all content.
We are all online mostly 7-8pm+ UK time and raid once a week on Saturday night.

If you like to know more give me a shout on Sil182#2743

Take care and have fun :smiley:


Hi there
Enjoying the game IS the aim of CULT OF GIN. Not just in raids but especially the social part of the guild. Have a look at the link below and see if we are of interest.

Hey there! I run a small, social raiding guild over on Magtheridon. Our mantra is simple - good vibes, good progress. Since we started raiding heroic this month, we’ve progressed to 7/10HC with our first night of prog vs Sludge giving us a close 2% wipe. We’re built up for people who log on to simply enjoy the game as we’re all in our mid to late 20s and have other things going on in our lives now!

Add me for a chat if a transfer is possible!
Bnet - ScuttleCreb#2666
Discord - Oridious#9022

Hey pal.
I can see you’ve got plenty of replies so I’ll leave mine short and sweet.
Dalaran Side is a close group of friends playing Horde on Stormscale. We’re a HC social raiding guild and have plenty of banter! We encourage inappropriate and vulgar humour here. We raid twice a week, Sunday and Mondays 2045-2300 realm time.
Give my big post a once over or add me: Zingzilla#2945

Hey man if you are interested in changing to Kazzak you can read this post. We are recruiting DPS and 1 pala healer atm to go into mythic. 10/10 HC guild.

([H] [Kazzak] Old foes two days raiding guild LFM raiders)

I’m VERY late to the party so it seems, but we might have a nice home for you…feel free to read our recruitment topic.
Raid wise, we are full on healers & tanks tho so if you’re looking to raid we can only offer you a spot as dps…outside of raids you can play whatever you want, we’ve got m+ runs almost daily.

Hello if youre still intrested we are small guild in KAzzak >The Third Eye< is Recruting. A small core of ex-mythic raiders looking for some relaxed, competent and reliable DPS to create a social raiding group for future Mythic raids. Casual and social players are always welcome!

Hello mate if your still looking…

Have a look at our post and let us know if your interested.


Hey Jusahka!

Probably a bit late to the party but I thought it worth dropping a message as you sound like a perfect fit for our guild. We’re a group of friends from the UK, also all in our late 20s. We raid Mondays and Thursdays 1930-2230 UK time and we’re a pretty tight knit group of about 14 or so players.

If you haven’t found somewhere yet, we’d love to hear from you over on Stormscale! /w Intricate on Stormscale Horde if you haven’t found a home yet - I think we could be a great match!

Oh, we’re 9/10 Heroic - we aim for Curve each patch and there’s a variety of KSM M+ pushes and pvpers.