LF a new guild. ATOC CE


Twisting Nether EU - horde - willing to change

Demon Hunter, vengeance/havoc

After clearing CN HC back in January I had a break from the game until now. Therefore I’m looking for a new guild. Im up for a faction-change If I see the right fit.

I honestly don’t know what I’m looking for, but I need a new perspective of the game… here a faction change could be relevant.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Hey, add me on discord lynkanek#5132 or bnet lynkanek#2659 and we can talk, we are mythic raiding guild 6/10 atm

Hey mate

We are looking for another tank qho can also dps
Lets get in touch!



Please reach out if u want to join.

Add Fao#21189 ingame for a chat,you seem interesting.

We have a spot for a Havoc DH. Feel free to check out our post - [H] <Archaic Order> 6/10M 1-day Raiding Guild

Heya, we are a long standing Alliance guild so may be the change and breath of fresh air you are looking for and we have been seeking a Havoc DH for a while now for our Mythic team :slight_smile: Lets have a chat? Asta#2730 I hope to hear from you!

Levitate is a reformed 2-day raiding guild, fresh on Draenor. We aim to get CE every tier. Wiping hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 - 22:00.

Feel free to add mirree#8327 on discord!

Just checking, never did hear from you so I hope you found the home you are looking for and it all worked out! :slight_smile: