LF a Raiding Guild

Hey everyone.

I am Looking to get back into tanking. I either have a Pala 202IL/DH 205IL geared for tanking or monk 214IL which is DPS but can switch. I am looking to get back into raid tanking and M+ I am Currently 1300 RIO but as DPS and its not as fun as it used to be. I haven’t tanked the Raid yet but I am a quick learner. I have 10/10 Normal and 10/10 Heroic experience. (As DPS)

The Guild it’s self needs to be chill. Needs to have a laugh during the raid but be able to Focus and get the job done on bosses. Not interested in people who think they are elitist we wont get on simple as that. But ideally needs to have experience in keys as that’s where I spend most of my time while playing wow, and I would prefer to run with guildies.

I am pretty much open to everything. Server change/Faction for the right guild. Horde would be better as I have quite a lot of alts. Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter and Druid as well as the above 3 which are all around 200IL

If you think I would be a decent fit hit me up for a chat.

Battlenet ID - A1CYA#2668

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Hey there! We’re a new guild on Draenor and are looking to recruit for m+ to prepare ourselves for raiding!

Feel free to read about us and get in touch, would love to hear from you!

Hello Part Time Legends on Draenor would be happy to have you Part Time Legends 9/10HC (H) Draenor LFM

Hey Laffa,

We could be just the guild for you! Take a look at our post here: [H] <Neon Pegasus> Stormscale - 9/10 Heroic - Recruiting!



My guild is a alliance on Defias Brotherhood and if you’re willing to go healer on your monk, my guild would love to take you! We’re currently 3/10M progressing on the fourth and we are looking for a strong mistweaver monk. I think my guild is what you’re looking for- we try to get as far a we can while maintaining a friendly, positive atmosphere. I’ve linked my post- please have a look if it interests you :slight_smile:

Hi Laffa,

Please have a read of our post you sound like you’d fit in perfectly.

Any questions please do message me: psykick06#2401

If you’re still looking, we may be of your interest!

[Origin of Insanity] a friendly guild looking to expand our numbers any players new/old/ levers or people who just wanna chat, we are a social guild raid Saturdays 10/10 normal CN looking to progress to HC we also M+ daily and have an active discord come join the fun

TOOTH AND FANG COMMUNITY!! ( Founded 2017 - EU -Draenor- Horde ) :slight_smile:

Community Status: Semi-Hardcore
**Current Progression: **10/10 9/10 HC ( Pushing into Mythic soon too )

ABOUT US: :smiley:

Tooth and Fang was founded in 2017 as a guild building a family friendly atmosphere. Since then we have grown where we have 2 raiding teams, a semi-serious for progression and experienced players and a casual for alts and those looking to take their first steps into the raiding world.
Regular M+ runs are encouraged and actively sort within our discord and guild chat.


Main Team : Wed & Thurs
21:00 - 00:00 ST for the main team

Ranged : Range DPS
Melee: DH DPS
Healer : Shaman/Holy Priest/Druid/Disc Priest x1
Please ask us about joining if your class/spec isnt here.


Good knowledge of the class and spec you are playing
Be online 15 before raid start for invites
We do not expect you to attend EVERY single raid but a high attendance is good to have (90% about). During progress, however, we expect people to be attending every raid unless for an emergency.
Reseaching fights and be ready to wipe.
we are aiming to do mythic

Discord info https://discord.gg/KJAWssb or add me on discord Chéyénná#1625 or app via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWJ8cIHo1chv19Vex0-zWiMUgxDF4AwRZZpd52WwY7I2WDFQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Feel free to share our discord link !
Social are welcome too :slight_smile:

Look forward to meet you!
T & F Community :smiley: ty

Need range ASAP