LF a RP Nelf guild on Argent Dawn

Hello everyone!
Im looking for help to find a RP Nelf guild on Argent Dawn !
Can someone help me?

I can recommend Dirge of Teldrassil. They´re night elf/worgen guild focused on avenging Teldrassil, with lots of cool RPers:


You have another option in The Nightblade Sentinels who may be more what you are looking for.

Good luck in your search.


There is currently a Night Elf-themed community event happening right now celebrating the Lunar Festival : [A-RP] Lunar Festival (21th to 28th January)

You can pop in there with your character to see who’s active right now, socialize, make new connections etc.


If you would like to play a sentinel, there’s the Nightblade Sentinels. If you’re after something else, perhaps look into Moonrise Hermitage or Isil Theran. There’s a couple other small guilds out there, too.

The Lunar Festival week is currently ongoing in Nighthaven, Moonglade. There’s an event every evening starting at around 20:00 server time. You could use that to find guilds and people. Outside of that, Astranaar generally has some active people most nights, though it depends a bit on when the guilds that call it home are on campaign or not.


Hi! My guild is a sisterhood order who wishes to protect the Kaldorei culture, their lands, their people and focus on rebuilding and healing. You can find us in Moonglade now where we co-host the festival with the Moonrise Hermitage, another wonderful Kaldorei guild. After the festival, you can find both guilds in Ashenvale. We would love to rp with you!


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