LF a welcoming guild

As the title says, I’m looking for a guild that does a variety of content, from casual to non casual content. I’ve never really done any high end content but I really want to. Servers being either silvermoon or tarren mill.

Hey there Healingdolly,

Is the choice of server a hard requirement to you?

If not I would like to invite you to have a look at: [A][Eonar] BEAST welcomes (in)experienced players for more fun together

Hello Healingdolly,

Red Branch is a social and active guild that raids 2 days a week with a optional raid days on mondays for our alts/socials.
10/10 HC progress.
We are on alliance side on silvermoon.

Feel free to add my battle tag : Reported#2371 for a chat.

Best regards


Guild: Origin of Insanity] a friendly guild looking to expand our numbers any players new/old/ levellers or people who just wanna chat, we are a social guild raid Saturdays 10/10 normal CN looking to progress to HC we also M+ daily and have an active discord come join the fun


If realm changing is a possibility we have a very friendly guild recently grown alot with all new people stating how at home they instantly feel :slight_smile:

Marbles (Draenor) a casual progression guild are currently looking for healers for both raiding and M+

Very active guild, always people doing something with a very active relaxed discord.

Currently 2/10M with raid times of 20:00-23:00 ST on a Friday and Saturday. We also have a social HC raid on Wednesdays which this week we did 9/10 with 4 pulls on Sire with all getting to P3 (mostly people on alts)

If this sounds interesting to you add my Bnet for a chat. Smiithy#21682