LF casual raiding guild in SL

I’m a player that have just returned for the new upcoming Shadowlands.
I am currently looking for a guild to do m+, raids and other fun stuff with. Preferably HC guild.
Not decided which class or spec yet. Hit me up if you got a spot for a healer in Shadowlands.


Hello Nattuggla.

We at Faster than Lag could just be the guild that you are looking for, however we are on the horde side of ragnaros. We do not expect you to move a char or anything like that but I’d you like us then who knows what the future brings.

We are still in need of a healer for SL in order to down curve every tier and bash those M+ during the week.
You can read more about us here

If you have any questions or want more information please add LFC#21212 for a chat .

Best regards

G’day mate!! If you’d consider a Horde guild we feel we can offer what you’re looking for.

We raid twice a week progress, into SL we’ve shuffled to raiding Mon/Tue 20:00-22:30ST the other days we just do … Stuff? M+, achievements, social HC raids, alts … Look we have a lot of fun.

We’re no CE guild, never will be, but we do some Mythic raiding and we’re looking at getting to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Our forte is an EXTREMELY lively guild, gchat and Discord (some channel names could get me banned on forums for a few weeks), helpful people, and calendar stuff almost every day of the week.

Rosters ebb and flow, so we’re not looking for any particular role, but more for like-minded people. We have 3-4 people who can pivot to any role (tank, heal, rdps, mdps) so we try to make room for anyone to play what they like. I started tier as tank, then healed, then rdps on my hunter.

Give us a shout if this sounds good to you.

LepantoESP#4381 on Discord

I remember Faster than Lag. I was a member there years ago, when I played Horde. Really great bunch of people.


Heyo Nattuggla. Of your name I guessing you’re Swedish :slight_smile: I have started a new guild on Boulderfist as Horde. (swedes, norwegians and danish peeps. Mostly swedes) we are recruiting new members to join our community ^^ And as a healer we would really liked to have you! The Guild is a social, casual raiding guild. We do not have a progress 'cause the guild is new :slight_smile: We are going to raid in Shadowlands and do m+ and some events that we actually have started doing now! The events are and going to be achievement/mount/tmogs runs for now. And will probably be more in the future! Like I said, we are not raiding now, we are going to start doing it in Shadowlands, for now we are doing some events and helping those who need help in mythic dungeons. If you like to know more please add zEm #2675 (Swedish) and/or AaronM #2931 (norwegian) and they will help you out! :slight_smile: zEm is going to be online at 19.00 tonight and lead an event because I am working evening shift this week :slight_smile: I hope to hear more from you and hopefully see you in the guild :wink: Have a nice evening and take care! / Azzari

Hey Nattuggla! :slight_smile:
Maybe see if TheNightShift is a good fit for you?

Hi Nattuggla,

We would be happy to have you. Here at Requiem on Ravencrest we do Mythic+, we raid HC and Mythic (No CE) and in general have a lot of fun. We would absolutely have a spot for a healer. You can check out our guild recruitment post at the following link <Requiem> is recruiting [Ravencrest][A][HC/M/M+] . If you want to have a chat feel free to contact us. Contact information is found at the bottom of the recruitment post.

Kind regards,


Appreciate the comment.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Have you ever heard of a guild who has a beter name then the name Hydra? well you maybe have i dont know haha. But our guild will do events in SL and have a lot of fun in discord or guild chat. Our main purpose is to progress in the game and also have a lot of funn doing it!! if you are instrested just let me know <3

Why dont you check us out!


We’re a welcoming guild and Our goal to get cutting edge at our own pace, but in a relaxed way with enough organisation thrown in to get it done with the minimum of stress. That said, relaxed or not it’s still a raid - you’ll be expected to pull your weight.

It is all about having a very friendly atmosphere and have fun during raid and outside of the raid.