Lf different kinds of guilds

I have aspergers and social phobia, so i’m looking for a guild that is for people with anxiety (if there is any :thinking:).


a small and newbie friendly rp guild where i could try rp. It’s hard to rp with anxiety problems, so if there is any guild where i could get to know people and maybe watch first and get answers to my rp questions, that would be awesome.


a small social and active pve guild with friendly people who like leveling alts like me. :smiley:

On either alliance or horde, any realm (i prefer low populated realms though). Most important is the members are active and friendly and the officers care about the members. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Méliina, we’re on a completely different faction and server, but I started a new guild two weeks ago. We’re specifically a learning guild for new/returning/inexperienced/chill people, since I get a bit anxious when doing raids or dungeons. We’re gearing and leveling a bunch of characters (at least me and 2-3 other people are) and we have about 25 unique members (alts not counted) I think. If you’d like to join as a social (and maybe even try some dungeons/raids) we’d be happy to have you! ^^

Hi Méliina,

Our guild, Braveheart, is on Argent Dawn (Alliance) and recruiting players for Shadowlands (including raiding, M+, roleplay and social events) - check out our recruitment thread here.

Our aims for the guild are to be able to create a safe space where you can chat, roleplay or clear content in a relaxed environment no matter how much experience you have, we’re here to support you and make your Warcraft experience as best as it can be!

Roleplay-wise, we are looking to set up a small roleplay group where people of all experiences can develop their characters/backstories, discuss lore and we are looking into setting up a roleplay “workshop” where you can freely ask questions, we can go over mock scenarios to see how your character would respond and if you need any further support, we can offer that too.

If you’d like to know more about us, send me a message in-game (or add me on battle.net Hystericxl#2223) and we can have a chat!

Hi Méliina Hope you are well

I am the social officer from Faster then lag on raganaros horde side I joined this guild good few months ago I too suffer from anxiety (ptsd) but since being in this small close knit guild has really helped me a lot to pen up and actually talk to people as I did suffer in the past with my nerves big time

There is always someone online to chat with or discord don’t have to talk as I was really nervous also no strict rules you like you must attend certain raids etc take the game at your own pace it’s an amazing community we have built in last few months

Need to know more add my battle tag Magicgnome#2103875

Look forward to talking

Here’s out official guild post

I’m still looking for guild. :frowning:

I’m currently in 5 different guilds, but none of them feels like the right home for me. When i join a guild i want to feel i’m wanted there, i want to be welcomed, is that so wrong? Last guild i joined no one said a word, not a “Welcome!”, not even a “hi”. I get the feeling guild leaders only want numbers, more people for their guild. That’s not what i want. I want to find a nice little guild that i can give all my energy and focus on, help guildies, chat and get close friends. I don’t have any friends in rl so the people in the guild means so much to me, i don’t want to be just a number.

I prefer to play on rp servers and on alliance, but if i can find the right guild with the right people i can go anywhere, any realm, either faction. I prefer guilds who don’t raid, because i’m so tired of being in guilds with people who only log in for raids. It’s not fun to be in guilds like that. I always feel so left out. I’m playing all alone and suddenly the guild is full with people, they raid and when the raid is done, the people are gone and i’m left alone again without even a hi from anyone… so no, not a raiding guild.

I have been looking for a guild for weeks now. I read community and guild recruitment channels on forums several times every day. I go in and check some of the realm forums too every day. I even wrote in “looking for friends” (but because of my social phobia i panicked and removed my post :pensive:).

Since i don’t talk much in guilds where i don’t know anyone (because of my social phobia), i struggle a lot to feel home in a guild. I struggle to get friends. I really need help to find a guild, to find friends. I don’t want to be alone anymore. :frowning:

(Sorry for the negative post.)


Aveonar contacted you on behalf of Faster than lag.

I don’t believe you have tried us out ? Everything you are describing is what we are working towards not being. We are a social raiding guild. We do social stuff outside of raiding for EVERYONE even the ones that just wants to be social.

People are online during the day, night and evening time. Some are more social than others but we always make everyone feel welcome.

You are still very welcome to try us out :slight_smile:

Add me on Justme#21312 and lets see if we are right for you.


I can’t really offer you a guild because I don’t have one either. But if you’re interested in a no commitment leveling and/or transmog buddy, let me know. I work rotating shifts thus I’ll never be able to commit to a raiding guild, instead I’m usually doing my own thing at random times (usually leveling), and frankly it would be fun to have someone to play with.

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Hi Raelona and Aveonar. :slightly_smiling_face:
I actually made a char on Ragnaros before to check it out, but changed my mind after reading the guild description. It said heroic raids will be main feature. I’m not a raider so i thought it wasn’t the guild for me.
But i have read your guild recruitment post on forums again and it does sound like a nice guild. I want to apoligize for not trying it out before and join now if that is ok?
I don’t have any char on Ragnaros so i will make an application in guild finder when i have a toon ready. If i like the guild i will move my main over later (fury warrior). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes the guild feature is HC raiding but that doesn’t mean that we won’t do other things and sometimes we just talk in gchat about random stuff. And as we all get to know eachother it may even happen on discord and you joining us even if it is just to listen in and that is totally alright also.

You can use the guild finder but since the GM could end up contacting you it may be better to contact me directly when you have made a char. I jump around but you can find me on Illuminani, raelona, raelon eller beladrielia :slight_smile: .

I am usually on in the evening from 19.00 st and onwards so please whisper me :slight_smile:

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Hey Méliina,

I liked your initial post as to return to it once I found the time. I’m sorry it took me so long to write a reply!

I’d very much like to welcome you to our guild, The Twilight Tier on Saurfang (Horde). We’re a friendly bunch that enjoy chatting amongst ourselves, levelling alts and generally just hanging out. Due to the majority of us having to work, our active times are usually in the evenings and on weekends, so I cannot promise that the guild will be lively at all hours of the day. There might even be some days where there are only a couple of people online - people may have other commitments, and this is okay.

Because of this, we have set up a Discord server for all our guild members. With this, we can keep in touch outside the game and maybe even play other games together.

Currently, we’re looking for members who are friendly, mature and are searching for a place to call home. Whether your vice is Pvp or Pve, Levelling or grinding end-game content you’re welcome to join us and see what we’re about. We’re not focused on raiding, at least not at this point in time. Several of us do enjoy taking on a few mythic+ dungeons every week, but we’re just doing it for fun.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to add me on Battle.Net (Veletala#2216) or friend me on Discord (Veletala#8483) and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

Best of luck in your search for a guild you can call home!


You can also add my btag if you want too :slight_smile:

Hey man, if your still shopping around i would love to have a chat, give me a shout if you want to Fluxien#5035 on discord :smiley:

I couldn’t find any guild and i don’t want to play alone anymore so i quit WoW a few days ago. Sorry.

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I had my reasons not to try your guild Veletala.

I read your guild post and it said: “Our members are a social bunch, and they generally spend their time using our Discord’s voice channels”.
I can’t use voice (not even to listen) because of my anxiety, so i would just feel left out a lot and others would think i’m boring.

And: “We only ask that you bring a healthy and positive mental attitude.” You can read why i have problem with that in my post The game have changed me in general forums. I don’t trust people anymore. Too many bad things happened. I would just disappoint you.

I’m sad to leave the game. I’m sad i couldn’t find any guild. It’s really low of you to like a post where i’m saying i’m leaving WoW. :cry:

You might want to check us out!

I have a older brother who has aspergers so I might get what frightenes you or what are your worries. You may add me either way ( if you want to join our guild or not) . If you need anything Im there for u .

Hello Kadry :slightly_smiling_face:

That guild name… i have to admit, it made me giggle :smile:. It sounds like me. It’s not easy with aspergers in this game when people are not clear with what they want. People say: “you should speak up”, so i do… and i get kicked. So confusing. It happened so many times that i don’t know what i dare to say to people anymore. What is accepted and what is not? What is right and what is wrong? :woman_shrugging:t2: In other peoples eyes i have done a lot of stupid stuff, while i have just been myself, believing i do everything right. :confused:

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to start playing again, but it does sound interesting. That you have a brother with aspergers helps a lot.
I have a few days left of game time, so i thought i might try it out if that’s ok?
I tried to log in to make a char on Kazzak, but it’s Shadowlands launch so i haven’t been able to log in. Is it ok if i make an application in guild finder when i can log in and have a char ready?

Hey! Everything is ok :slight_smile: You could just add me in battle.net when youre ready. I got disconnected when the launch happened xD.


My liking of your post wasn’t in any way meant to poke fun. It was meant in a sense of acknowledging your confirming that you’re no longer searching for a guild. Rarely do people looking for a guild reply to their own recruitment message, instead just leaving the post stand while guilds upon guilds continue to vie for the recruitee’s attention. So thanks for getting back to all of us with a status update, even if the update is a sad one.

I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t find a guild to call home. If it’s not too late to change your mind, I’d like to clarify more about my guild. In saying we’re a ‘social bunch’ and that we use ‘voice channels’, isn’t to say that we pressure others into being social and/or using voice. You’d never be pushed to do something you’re not comfortable with. And in regards to our PMA, it’s more or less addressing that people treat each other with respect and don’t incite drama for the sake of it. Any health issues, physical, mental or otherwise lay outside this and would never pose a factor for enrolment.

Regardless of your decision, I wish you all the best. May you still find a guild you can feel at home. :heart:



I want to apologize too. I missunderstood that like. I’m so used to people making fun of me/being rude to me, so i kinda see things in a negative way. Sorry.

Well, this is awkward. I wrote i was going to join Kadrys guild. A few days ago i was going to leave WoW because i couldn’t find any guild, now i have two to choose from.

Your guild sounds interesting Veletala. Although, i’m still worried about the voice thing. I’m worried i will feel left out if everyone are on voice and not me.
Kadry have a brother with aspergers. That is huge for me. That means the understanding is there.

I would like to try your guild Veletala. I’m sorry Kadry, i hope i don’t make you too disappointed :pleading_face: ? The reason is the realm. Kazzak is a “full” realm, while Saurfang is a medium populated server. I once played a year as horde on Draenor (another “full” realm) and i didn’t like it much, it was a bit too crowded for me.

But, right now i have no game, i still can’t log in haha :smile: :roll_eyes: