Lf Draenor Casual guild

(Provo) #1

Looking for Casual guild that can help me get into mythic+ and raiding


Hi Provo.

We’re a casual guild on Draenor. Currently 2/2 Heroic, and 3/9 Mythic.

Won’t bore you with all the details. You can find what you need on our recruitment thread and website.

www.digital-doom. co. uk



Hey mate

If you are still looking, then you might like what we have to offer.
next to our raid, we do a lot of m+ during the week.
Have a look at it, and catch me on B-net for a chat



Hey there. If you are still looking for a guild take a look at this.

Skully :skull: from Draenor EU is a new guild created by mythic ready players.
We are currently building our core raid grp, and therefor looking for pretty much all classes. You don’t need to have the same progress as us.
We prefer to raid Wednesday and Sunday between 19.30-23.00. The raiding times can be changed a bit, but we are not going to raid earlier than 19.30 and later than 23.00 and during progress we might be able to raid Thursday as well if everyone is available.

Our only requirements for raiders is that you need to have a mic and be able to speak on discord, since there is fights were communication from everyone is important.

For more info you can add my BattleTag: Klepto#2550 or send me a message on Discord: klepto#8354