LF Guild - Ragnaros 2/8M

Good day!

I’m currently looking for a guild to raid/M+ with.
At the moment i’m a warlock ilvl 415 (spec w.e. is needed) but i’m willing to play whats necessary for the group if there is an option to gear it quick.

Besides that i’m gearing a rdruid to get invited quicker in pugs.

I play a lot with my real life buddy who plays enh sham (ilvl 415) and paladin (gearing).
If u got a home for us both that would be great.

I like to raid but its not a must i should say. I like to push but i feel like pugging is draining my fun so i would like a guild to push keys with or push raiding progress.

Thank you and see you soon.

my Bnet: Jeplaaa#2751

Hi mate, might have a solution for both you and your enh shaman friend. Added you on bnet so let me know if you want to chat.

[A] Soup Squad

We got room for both Enh shaman and a warlock if you don’t mind transferring:



Free feel to add me on discord Keyda#1625