LF HC Raiding guild


Hi there.

Myself plus 4 friends have just landed on Draenor looking for a new guild to raid with. But also looking to be part of the community to run m+ and do achievements.

Ideally the latest we can raid is 2330st/2230gmt and most days are fine.

We are currently playing
Havoc/ unholy/ mistweaver/ mage/ boomkin.

We are curve raiders and are committed to HC progression. We will turn up ready and prepared for the night of raiding.

If this post interests you please leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.



Hey dude!

Our guild are still building our roster and we are still searching for some people to complete it. We also do mm+ (some are over 1k rio), alt runs.

You can take a look at this post to see our guild post.

if you are interested, you can contact us.

Have a great day


(Senkohime) #3

Hi there!

We are a newly formed guild with people from old guilds that fell apart and we are looking for new family members to do dungeons, raids and have fun!

If you have time, take a peek at our post! Cheers!

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Hey there was told by a guildee you were trying to get into contact with us, if that still true please refer to this post. (H) Efficiency 8/8HC 2/8M LF DPS


Hey bud, we are currently 3/8M and looking for a few new faces to round the roster off for the next tier. We could easily fit all 5 of you in as the current specs you play with no need for any of you to reroll. Add me on btag fenrir#1833 for a chat


Hey Folks

I appreciate the replies. But it would seem most of yous are raiding Mythic or intending to do so, which isn’t what we are looking for. Our intention is to raid HC and get Curve.

That being said i wouldnt mind having a chat with Senko about order of the phoenix. for some reason i cant get the link to work within your post.


(Senkohime) #7

Try here ^^

Hope it works! The post has all the information about us :slight_smile: If not, contact me at Senko#2936 to have a little chat.

(Mårk) #9

Hello mate

We’re a distinctly average raiding guild, probably could have got 3-4 Mythic done this tier if we could be bothered, but started slacking early Nov. We have a Mythic team already with a couple on the bench. But We would regularly take 30 people into Heroic, and we do have 5 spots free really, with no obligation to sign up and come to Mythic once we get back in there in the new raid. So if one or two of you decided to give it a try you can, you might have to wait for a chance, but the option is there.

Check out www.digitaldoom.eu

You can get all the info you need on there.

Oh and if M+ is your bag, we have a good core of M+ers who are 1.3k+ (16 are 1k+)

If not, good luck finding a guild out there, there’s certainly plenty to choose from!


Hey guys we really appreciate all the replies to this post, and to anyone ive spoke with i also appreciate the time you have given me.

But we’ve decided to have a crack at our own guild (Should be interesting if nothing else) but should all else fail may hit some of yous back up again


(Tatankawakin) #11

Hi there if you would still like to move into an established guild we would love to have you.

Hi if your all still looking for a home we would be happy have a Chat /w To any member there is always someone online. Just search for Myself, Rychi (guild recruitment officer),Tendoz (Guild Master) , Jeetkoondoh (officer) or any member of Consider Phlebas in your who list :chicken:

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