[LF H/N RP Guild] The Conundrum of a Casual, Heavy roleplayer

Hello, server.

I am searching for a RP guild for my (Horde Dracthyr) Black Market Purveyor, a shady salesman that deals in goods with no small amount of blood on them.

I do not mind being a loose associate, a minion or a goon doing the dirty work, but a certain freedom on coming-and-going is needed.

Problem is, I can play maybe 2-3 days a week, if even that. I can also not really play past 22 Servertime, so that limits me out of basically all Events.

Thus, I am searching for an environment that doesn’t really depend on my attendance, in where I can “come-and-go” when I find the time to RP a few hours here and there.

I haven’t really been roleplaying actively on Argent Dawn for the most of Dragonflight, so I really know very little of the “Server-Where”, of the guilds that are active yet keep very quiet about themselves, nor the public hubs that exist and everyone “In the Know” being aware of their existence - in where I could bump into such people.

Oh, and the point why I ask on Guilds is simple: This game is a little lonely to play alone, with no-one to chat with in guild chat or otherwise outside RP hours.

Thus, any help you can throw is well-appreciated.


Hey, If you haven’t found anything yet - You could check out the Vulture Company - https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/the-vulture-company

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Hey. I did find a guild, but it is not terribly active. I am not 100% sure if your guild is what I seek, but I’ll keep it in mind and muse over my options. Thanks for the shout-out nonetheless.

We’d be more than happy to have another person along on our journey here in the Ashen.

Our group tends to be active towards the back end of the night as we have players from all different timezones. Majority of us are UK but we also have 1-2 members who are around in EST / NA times.

Our events (outside of campaigns) usually start at 21:30 Server Time and run till about 00:00 Server Time. Of course this varies depending on the avaliability of people and how soon we have to go. So there’s always a late arrival and action to jump into and if we’re not doing events we do a lot of focus on just casually vibing with eachother.

Though we’re active daily and have an understanding that we all live busy and hectic lives in today’s age.

If you want to check us out my guild’s forum is below. :slight_smile:

The Ashen do start their events a bit too late. I had a few attempts with UK-focused guilds, but the event start times just gets too late for me. Thank you for the reply nonetheless.

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Hey there! The Frostsworn Accords might be what you’re looking for. Our events typically start at 8pm server time, and most other evenings people tend to ask if anyones around for RP, and people pick up and run with it so it works out well for most!
We’re a very low pressure RP guild where noone is forced to rp or left out if they can’t make it. Give me a DM in game if you’re interested, hope you find what you’re looking for ^^

I would recommend you come along to the Fireside Gathering tomorrow night to explore the Horde RP scene in Valley of Wisdom. There’s usually a few guilds that join that to socialise! :slight_smile:

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